What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is no longer focused on the ages 16-24 years old, it is now open to people of all ages with varied levels of previous qualifications and combines academic learning with work based practical application in a job through a work-based training programme.

You will be employed by the trust with a salary and the opportunity to gain qualifications whilst you work. Apprenticeship qualifications now range from level 2 to level 6/7 degree/masters.

Apprenticeships are no longer age restricted and in some cases can attract additional funding to support the learner. As long as you don’t hold a qualification in the same subject and have the required qualification to apply you could be eligible to apply.

The Apprenticeship levy

In May 2017 the government introduced the new apprenticeship levy. This meant employers who earn over £3 million a year are taxed 0.5% of their PAYE bill each month which goes into a levy digital account fund. This can only be spent on apprenticeships training.

As a trust we pay the levy and are working towards the best way to utilize our digital account fund by ensuring we maximize the opportunities apprenticeship training can have for our staff and the Trust and ultimately our patients and services.

'Off the job’ Training

When completing an apprenticeship standard you will be required to demonstrate 20% off the job training. How this works and the level of qualification will establish how you undertake this 20%. The time is calculated over the duration of your apprenticeship and anything new you learn in a class or that isn’t part of your normal work activity can be seen as ‘off the job’. This will mean for most people in the first few months of employment most of the skills you learn will be completely new and ‘off the job’.

Why choose us?

Here at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust we want to help kick start your NHS career and develop that with us. The end of 2017 meant a new apprenticeship team was launched and we work closely with other teams to support apprentices during the completion of their diploma’s here at SWFT, along with training providers. Some of the benefits of becoming an apprentice with us include:

  • Earning a wage whilst you gain a qualification
  • Learn knowledge and skills relating to the job
  • Get Student discounts with an NUS Apprenticeship Extra Card
  • Make new friends
  • Training in the skills employers want
  • Paid holiday
  • Excellent career progression opportunities

If you would like more information on becoming an apprentice please email or telephone us and the apprenticeship team will be happy to discuss anything with you.

Where can I find the apprenticeships you are advertising?

You can find all our career opportunities via the ‘Careers page’ here or you can search NHS jobs website here.

If you wish to discuss anything with our apprenticeship team regarding the posts please email us at

Some stories from our past apprentices:

We want to share with you some of the feedback and comments we have had from our previous and existing apprentices.

Story 1 - ‘In September 2016, I got accepted as a Theatre Apprentice and it has been the best decision I have ever made to join this Trust. As I came straight out of school after doing my GCSE’s, I had an idea of what I wanted to do in my career but now I have actually put it into place and have learnt about different opportunities and job roles I could do in the future to progress in my career path. I have gained a whole lot of confidence since working here and feel that my knowledge has grown a lot!’ - Theatre Apprentice

Story 2 - ‘I am doing an apprenticeship in Business Admin working for the Practice Development Team. I absolutely love it, I have been here since October 2016 and I have been enjoying it since the start. I believe after completing this apprenticeship after a year, in October 2017 I have developed a lot to help my career continue within the Trust / SWFT. I haven’t progressed to a higher role or position in the organisation as my apprenticeship lasts 1 year and I am completing an NVQ Level 2 alongside my apprenticeship. After my year is up I believe and hope that there will be a lot more career and job opportunities which would interest me; also I can earn more money and go into a higher role within the organisation.

I have always wanted to work in the NHS and getting an apprenticeship here is amazing for me. My apprenticeship here with the Practice Development Team is great, they are all so kind, caring and they have helped me settle in so well. The team have helped me love my job even more, and I cannot thank them enough! My apprenticeship as an Administration Assistant has helped me develop a lot of skills, roles and different responsibilities, I have learnt so much and made lots of lovely friends.

Thanks to the Trust for all the useful Induction Days but the apprenticeship has been going great so far. I cannot believe it has been 5 months since I’ve started working here! I am excited as I believe this is just the start of my career within the NHS.’ - Apprentice Administrator, Practice Development Team

We love to hear stories from our apprentices and encourage them to share the great experiences they have had since joining the trust. It is great for us as a trust to hear about how we have helped our apprentices to start on their NHS career Journey.