​Hospital team celebrated for supporting frail and older people through COVID-19

The team at Warwick Hospital’s Frailty Unit has been declared winner of the “best team” category in local MP Matt Western’s new annual Community Awards Scheme.

The scheme aims to give special recognition to people in the community who strive to make a positive difference to the lives of those around them. In its inaugural year the focus has been on celebrating those who have shown extraordinary kindness and compassion amidst the unique health and social challenges created by a public health crisis.

The hospital’s Frailty Unit comprises a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with pharmacy, therapies, doctors, nurses and Advanced Care Practitioners who have the knowledge and skills to enable patients to reach their full potential and where possible to continue leading active, sociable lives.

The team was presented with the award in recognition of its work to provide compassionate care to frail and older patients and support to their family members throughout the pandemic. This has included caring for COVID-positive patients at times and with restrictions on visiting devising other means of communication for families to get messages to their loved ones.

Charles Ashton, Medical Director of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Frailty is a state of health related to the ageing process in which multiple body systems gradually begin to weaken, and there is an increased risk from COVID-19 for this group of patients. The pandemic has created new challenges for our Frailty Team who have had to strike a careful balance between protecting patients from the virus and encouraging and supporting them to lead active and healthy lives. It is wonderful to see the team achieve well-deserved recognition through this awards scheme and we are extremely proud of our committed and compassionate staff who have maintained an excellent service for patients under the most challenging of circumstances.”


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