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South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust launches Impact Report

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) has become the first NHS organisation to launch an Impact Report outlining its social impact against an innovative set of levelling up measures.

The Purpose Goals, launched last year by former Education Secretary Rt Hon Justine Greening, are the UK’s first levelling up framework designed to focus efforts on driving equality of opportunity at key life stages.

The report highlights a number of key strengths that put South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust at the forefront of the levelling up agenda. These include:

● Right advice and experiences - the Trust offers numerous volunteering opportunities to members of local communities, which often serve as a launchpad into paid careers.

● Open recruitment - SWFT uses blind shortlisting recruitment process and works closely with organisations such as The Veterans Alliance and Armed Forces Covenant to spread opportunity.

● Good health and wellbeing - the Trust has a wide range of programmes that proactively support good health and wellbeing in the communities it serves, including stop smoking pregnancy, infant feeding service and nutrition programmes.

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust is a key member of the Purpose Health Coalition joining a pioneering group of UK universities, businesses and public sector organisations forming The Purpose Coalition - aiming to set a new and higher standard on boosting social mobility in the UK.

Anne Coyle, Managing Director of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust said: “I am delighted to launch our Impact Report, which will be a key driver for reducing inequalities and implementing innovation across health and social care. I am excited to work closely with all of our staff and partners to support levelling up and embedding it within our practices. Being the first NHS organisation to launch an impact report highlights our commitment to making positive change.”

Anne Milton, Chair of the Purpose Health Coalition, added: “Levelling up Britain in a post-pandemic world is urgently needed to avoid undoing years of progress towards making Britain a fairer place where opportunities are accessible to all.

“NHS organisations, and their extensive networks of facilities, teams, suppliers, staff and partners, are huge contributors to the levelling up agenda. Trusts like South Warwickshire are showing the impact that a Trust can have when it is committed to acting as an anchor institution.

“SWFT and its leadership team has shown a commitment to resolving inequalities with a focus on population health management. This report shows some amazing examples of levelling up in practice and, importantly, the Trust is determined to go even further.”

You can read the full report here.

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