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South Warwickshire University Foundation Trust patient thanks Central England Rehabilitation Unit (CERU) staff members for saving his life

In February 2022, Shaun Butler, from Malvern, was told he had a brain tumour and needed to have neurosurgery right away. He was just 28 years old. Upon referral to Central England Rehabilitation Unit (CERU) Shaun was diagnosed with locked in syndrome. This is a rare condition that means a person is conscious but unable to communicate. Shaun was unable to move, was fed through a tube into his stomach and was unable to speak. He had a tracheostomy (tube in his neck) to aid his breathing. He was fully dependent on staff to meet all of his needs.

Now 8 months on since his neurosurgery, Shaun has been discharged from CERU and wants to tell his story and thank the staff that helped save his life.


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