Ear, nose and throat (ENT)

What we do

We care for patients with a wide range of conditions relating to the ear, nose and throat. We also provide a diagnostic service for head and neck cancers and these patients are transferred to the University Hospital Birmingham (Queen Elizabeth) for treatment.

We have specialists in thyroid, sinus and parotid surgery, as well as otology.

Contact and location

Inpatients ENT, 23 Hour Ward tel: +44 (0)1926 495 321 Ext 4545 and Hatton Ward tel: +44 (0)1926 495 321 EX 4358

Outpatients ENT, Green Area of Outpatients, Warwick Hospital, and at Stratford-upon-Avon Hospital and Ellen Badger Hospital.

Preparing for your appointment

Please bring a comprehensive list of medications with you and a note of any previous surgery or illnesses you may have had.

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