Who Are We?

The Endoscopy unit at Warwick hospital is a newly refurbished unit which consists of 4 procedure rooms and provides over 42 sessions per week. Our endoscopy service provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to patients across Warwick, Leamington, Stratford and the surrounding areas. The Endoscopy unit is proud to have continued to maintain accreditation with national accreditation with the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) for GI endoscopy by the Royal College of Physicians after all requirements relating to the quality and safety of patient care was inspected.

What do we do?

The endoscopy team support several specialities within Warwick Hospital including; Gastroenterology; Colorectal Services, Urology and Respiratory. Currently, the unit undertakes around 10,000 procedures per year. We provide both in-patient and outpatient services for patients requiring endoscopic procedures, comprising:

Where are we?

The Endoscopy Unit is open 08:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday and also operates an emergency GI bleed service 24 hours per day – 7 days per week, however the majority of patients using the services are seen on a day case basis. The building is situated next to the disabled car park opposite the main hospital entrance.

Contact details

The Endoscopy Unit main reception can be contacted on; 01926 495321 ext.4070

The Endoscopy unit booking team can be contacted on; 01926 495321 ext.: 8024

The Endoscopy Unit recovery can be contacted on 01926 495321 ext. 4429

An On Call service is provided outside of routine hours by an on call medical or surgical endoscopist and endoscopy nurses via switchboard

Bowel Preparation

Before your colonoscopy you will need to take bowel preparation to empty the large bowel for your procedure. For your procedure you may be given either Moviprep or Senna and Picolax. Below are links to instructional videos on how to take your bowel prep.

Colonoscopy Bowel Prep


Picolax (Please take your 3 Senna tablets the night before you start your bowel prep.)

Sigmoidoscopy bowel prep


If you are havinga sigmoidoscopy you may be asked to take an enema prep instead. You made need to collect this from the department to have at home or they may give you one before your procedure in the Endoscopy unit.

Foods to avoid 3 days before taking bowel preparation

Nuts, seeds and pulses including baked beans

Wholemeal pasta and brown rice

Wholemeal or brown bread including granary, high fibre white bread, seeded bread

Potato skins and chips

Wholegrain cereal such as All Bran, Bran flakes, Shredded Wheat, Muesli and cereals with added fruit or nuts

Red meat

Cakes, biscuits, puddings or sweets containing fruit and / or nuts

Any puddings containing fruit and / or nuts

Tomatoes and pepper

Click here to view the diet guidelines.

7 days before your procedure

Stop taking all iron tablets but continue all other medication.

Stop taking any constipating agents i.e. lomotil, codeine phosphate etc, but continue all other medication.

If you are on Clopidogrel or Warfarin tablets please ring the Endoscopy unit ext. 4725

2 days before your procedure

Eat foods which are low in fibre. Avoid foods such as fruit, green, vegetables, cereals, baked beans and brown bread. Choose foods from the ‘foods allowed’ list.

Have plenty to drink - at least ½ pint/ 1 glass, each hour

You cannot have red or purple coloured drinks.

Clear Fluids include water, dilute cordial, black tea, black coffee, Bovril, Oxo, strained clear soup, lemonade.

Blood Thinners

If you take any medication that thins your blood i.e. warfarin, endoxaban or rivaroxaban, please contact the endoscopy department once your procedure is booked for further instructions regarding these.

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