Continence service

What we do

We aim to promote continence wherever possible, through our continence assessment and treatment programme. For some patients this is not always achievable and so we provide management options to improve their quality of life and independence.

We have three community continence teams based in Nuneaton, Leamington and Rugby and an Acute hospital team based at Warwick Hospital. Patients with bladder or bowel dysfunction from the age of 16 can be referred for a clinical continence assessment via GP or the hospital.

Contact and location

Continence hospital team, please ask ward staff for details.

South Community Team (Alcester, Ellen Badger, Henley, Southam, Stratford Healthcare)
Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital
Tel: 01926 600818 – option 6, option 6

North Community Team (Camphill Clinic, Bedworth Clinic, Springhill Clinic, Coleshill Clinic, Polesworth Clinic, Atherstone Clinic)
Camphill Community & Family Centre
Tel: 01926 600818 – option 6, option 6

Rugby Continence Service

The Orchard Centre
Tel: 01926 600818 – option 6, option 6

Preparing for your appointment

For community appointments, you are usually sent some charts to complete and you’ll be asked to bring a fresh sample of urine and a current list of medication.

We provide appointments for continence assessment in the most suitable setting including acute hospital, clinics and patients’ homes (if unable to leave their home) within Warwickshire.

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