There are well over two hundred clinics held per week at Main Warwick Outpatients Department and Stratford Hospital Building 2 combined.

What do we do

The Outpatient Department at Warwick and Stratford hospitals offers a wide range of specialist outpatient clinics supported by a team of medical and nursing staff. We provide outpatient services to patients in the form of clinics and nurse led treatments and we have experience in the provision of care and support for patients attending the department working in close partnership with specialities across Elective, Emergency Care, Family Health and Support Services.


Warwick Hospital's Outpatient Department is situated next to the entrance to the Emergency Department, adjacent to the main car park.

Stratford Hospital's Outpatient Department is located in Building 2. This is situated behind Building 1 to the left of the main car park pedestrian exit.

The Department is open Monday to Friday 08.00am – 17:00 closing on Bank Holidays.


If you can’t attend a face-to-face or virtual appointment, even if it is the last minute, please let us know so we can re-arrange it and offer the slot to help someone else.

You can cancel and re-arrange appointments by calling or emailing: 01926 600 036 / OutpatientsAppointments@swft.nhs.uk

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