MOVES programme for schools

With the rising concerns of Coronavirus the MOVES training scheduled for April on wards will no longer go ahead. We will advise of when normal service resumes. Please do not attend the training if you have already booked onto it.

MOVES gross motor movement for schools

MOVES is changing… as from September 2018 it will become a FREE gross motor programme for all schools. Free training will be given to enable schools to deliver this programme.

There will be free gross motor training available at selected locations across Warwickshire on selected dates over the coming months.

Details of these can be accessed here.


The MOVES programme is an easily delivered intervention and support programme for children who present with coordination, motor and organisational diculties.

Why do MOVES?

  • Evidence shows that delayed development of gross motor skills and coordination impacts on a child’s education.
  • Children’s participation in movement and exercise programmes improve their ability to concentrate within the classroom. Click here to view evidence that Movement programmes can improve academic performance.

Identifying the right children

Complete the pre-MOVES checklist

50 or less ---> Start on the MOVES programme.
Over 50 but less than 75 ---> May benefit from MOVES programme.
Over 75 ---> Do not need to start MOVES programme.

If they score over 75, their difficulties are probably mild and should improve through encouragement to participate in P.E, extracurricular clubs and playground activities.

Then… ask parents to complete the pre-MOVES parent form.

About the MOVES programme

The MOVES programme is split into 3 levels in order of difficulty:

LEVEL 1 (6 weeks) Less difficult
LEVEL 2(6 weeks) V
LEVEL 3(6 weeks) Most difficult
= 18 weeks in total
  • Each level has 4 target goals for the child to achieve in those 6 weeks
  • Every child receives a certificate when they have completed the level
  • MOVES TA involved receive a teaching certificate for their CPD file:
    TA Certificate Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Evaluating the child's progress: Audit

Complete the post-MOVES checklist
Complete the post-MOVES parent form
Complete the audit form

The teacher/TA of each child taking part should record their post MOVES score and compare to their pre-MOVES score. The number of goals achieved for each level should be noted.

The MOVES audit form captures these scores and has space to chart the child’s progress.

By the end of the 18-week programme, the child can be re-assessed and a decision can be made on whether the child requires further input.

NB: If the child should later need Physiotherapy input, their Physiotherapy referral will not be accepted if these pre and post scores are missing.

Parent support

  • It is strongly recommended that parents of the children are involved.
  • A meeting should be held by the school for all parents of children taking part in the programme.
  • During this meeting parents should fill out the pre-MOVES parent form.
  • Parents should be given the parent pack which contains the exercise programme hand-outs and post-MOVES parent form.
  • When the programme has finished, parents must return the post-MOVES parent form.

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