South Warwickshire joint clinics

Children with co-ordination difficulties may benefit from our joint Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment planning service.

Traditionally, Physiotherapists work on gross motor skills and mobility, whilst Occupational Therapists focus on functional independence skills and fine-motor skills. However, children can have difficulties across all these areas and our joint clinics provide a broader perspective on both treatment and assessment.

Each child is assessed jointly by the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist, who then collaborate on treatment planning, if required. This team working provides a more holistic and comprehensive view of your child's difficulties and needs across a range of skills. By working together, we can provide a more stream-lined and effective service. We also avoid duplication of assessment and history taking and reduce the amount of handling and observation the child undergoes.

If required, treatment sessions are conducted, usually in schools, by either a Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor. These usually take place over a school term following which the child is discharged from the service with advice/ recommendations/ programme to follow to enable them to further consolidate skills learnt through treatment.

Please note these assessments are currently only available in South Warwickshire. If you are referring a child in North Warwickshire, please make separate referrals to Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

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