Occupational therapy

What we do

We are an integrated health and social care team working with children and young people (0-19) across Warwickshire. The service is delivered across variety of settings including schools, nurseries, and home with a family centred approach.

We work with children and young people who have a wide range of physical and learning needs that impact on their participation in daily life whether at home, school, or in the community. These can include:

  • selfcare skills,
  • mealtimes,
  • personal hygiene,
  • education-based skills
  • accessing home and school environment
  • organisation skills

Our delivery is in line with best practice evidence. We recognize that early intervention in the most appropriate environment delivers best outcomes for children and skilling up those in close proximity to children enables regular and consistent support.

We therefore work in partnership with children, their families and their education setting along with the social care and healthcare professionals all working towards shared goals.

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Please be aware our website is currently under construction.

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