Sensory Based Approaches

We all rely on sensory information to function and participate in everyday activities. Most of us instinctively respond to the challenges in daily life, our brain and nervous system (senses) help us to respond quickly, and appropriately to keep our selves safe and comfortable.

But we do not all experience sensation in the same way. Some will demonstrate strong sensory preferences, seeking a sensation as it is pleasing and satisfying whilst others may avoid activities as the sensory experience overwhelms.

Our universal digital sensory workshop has been developed to support parents, carers and education staff to develop their understanding of the sensory systems. Participants will be able to explore strategies which will enable a more responsive approach to meeting a child’s sensory needs.

The workshop can be accessed digitally via the South Warwickshire University Foundation NHS Trust SWFT youtube page. Login details will be forwarded in response to an appropriate child specific request, these can be submitted digitally via , or on completion of a referral form.

On completion of the universal digital sensory workshop attendees are encouraged to use the sensory toolkit. The toolkit will support you to identify sensory triggers so you can select appropriate strategies for use when needed. These strategies will need to be use consistently for a number of weeks; we recommend a minimum of 12 weeks.

Please complete the Sensory Checklist and use the Sensory Toolkit to guide you.

For additional resources please see

Sensory Menu

Calming Proprioceptive Activities

Please complete the Sensory Record to ensure that you have a clear record of the strategies that are effective for your child and those which have not delivered the desired outcomes to support your child’s needs.

Your views and feedback continue to help shape the services we deliver on completion of the digital workshop please follow the link below or scan the QR code for our feedback questionnaire image

Sensory Assessments

South Warwickshire University Foundation NHS Trusts Childrens Occupational Therapy (physical disability) Team offer a need led provision; referrals must meet the referral threshold criteria.

Occupational Therapists may use sensory theory to form part of a functional assessment. We do not screen for sensory needs or deficits where there are no known functional participation difficulties.


We acknowledge the diverse nature of needs; some requests will extend beyond the scope of the SWFT Childrens Occupational Therapy Service.

Local mental health support is provided for children and young people via Coventry & Warwickshire Rise. The Primary Mental health team deliver Free Parent information Sessions to support understanding in relation to anxiety related needs, emotional regulation, self-harm and mood. These can be accessed here.

If your child has a confirmed learning disability you may like to seek behavioural support from the CAMHS Learning Disabilities Team

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