Children with sensory difficulties

We are delighted to announce that in Warwickshire we are establishing a traded specialist service for children with sensory difficulties. This has been available since April 2013. We will accept requests for assessment/intervention from both home, school and charities.

Children with Sensory Processing Difficulties may experience some of the following difficulties:

  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Problems with sitting still
  • Distressed by loud noises
  • Fearless of Movement
  • Significant resistance to the unfamiliar and making transitions from one situation to another
  • Motor co-ordination difficulties
  • Poor hand eye coordination
  • Problems with Social integration and developing/maintaining relationships
  • What is Sensory Integration (SI)?

    We all take in sensory information (touch, light, sound, taste, smell, movement, body awareness) from our bodies and the world around us, this information is processed by our brains and nervous system so that we can make sense of it. Our brain has to organise the information and make it meaningful so that we can respond appropriately. When the SI system is not functioning effectively the impact on learning, behaviour and social skills can be far reaching.

    Most commonly a high proportion of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder will have sensory difficulties, alongside other children who do not have a formal diagnosis.

    You may wish to visit Sensory Integration for additional information. Free membership is available allowing access to valuable resources and information.

    Help is at hand

    There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that specialist sensory assessments and intervention approaches can result in significant improvements in a child's behaviour, ability to learn and general well being.

    We are able to offer a range of training packages to support schools and develop classroom staff expertise in supporting children with a range of sensory difficulties. We are also running Parent Sensory Workshops across Warwickshire with Autism Team and Educational Psychology at a cost of £25 for two 3 hour sessions.

    In addition we are able to offer individual specialist sensory assessments and intervention packages (sensory diets), to enable parents and schools to support individual children at home or in school.

    Download the Sensory Brochure including a menu of assessments, training packages and intervention packages.

    Download the Sensory Referral form.

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