Fine motor skills information for schools

Following the 2016 Easter break, referrals to Occupational Therapy for fine motor skills difficulties from primary schools will only be accepted if the child has completed a term's worth of intervention at school. This is in line with the Universal Provision Level of Warwickshire's SEND Provision matrix.

To support schools in delivering this, we have developed FREE training on fine motor skills and FREE intervention programmes, which can be downloaded here.

About the programmes

The programmes have been developed to cover typical fine motor and handwriting difficulties experienced by primary school children.

There are 6 programmes to choose from, arranged in a developmental sequence, starting with foundation skills in movement and body awareness, moving on to more complex fine motor and pre-writing skills, all the way up to handwriting fluency.

Each programme is designed to run for a half term (6 weeks), with 3 short sessions (approximately 20-30 minutes) per week.

The programmes are ideal for a small group setting and the booklets contain all the information you need to deliver the programmes, with a session-by-session plan.

A simple checklist helps you decide which programme would be most suitable for eacg child, and there are accompanying baseline and outcome measures, and a form for recording each session.

You may already have your own fine motor or handwriting programmes in place and running well. If so, please take a look at our resources to see if there is anything you may want to add to your programmes. You can also use the session record form and the outcome measures to document your own interventions and progress.

How to use the programmes



Training sessions are suitable for SENCos, teachers and teaching assistants.

The sessions last for approximately 3 hours, and will cover:

  • How fine motor skills develop
  • Causes of fine motor difficulties
  • Strategies and classroom equipment
  • Baseline and outcome measurement
  • How to use our intervention programmes.

Places will initially be limited to 2 per school, so that as many schools as possible can access the information. The intervention programmes can still be delivered without attending the training, but the sessions will provide useful further information to enhance delivery.

If you have any questions or would like to book a place on the training, please email or call +44(0)1926 413737 / +44(0)7834 745 748.


You can download all the materials you need here.

Which programme? Checklist

Use this to help decide which programme to use with each child.

Classroom strategies
Use this to identify classroom strategies you can try to common difficulties.

Session completion record
Use this to document which sessions have been completed and any important progress/difficulties

Intervention Programme 1: Foundation Skills
Foundation Skills baseline and outcome assessment

Intervention Programme 2: Hand Skills
Hand Skills baseline and outcome assessment

Intervention Programme 3: Skilled Hand Use
Skilled Hand Use baseline and outcome assessment

Intervention Programme 4: Visual Perception
Visual Perception baseline and outcome assessment

Intervention Programme 5: Handwriting - Letter Formation
Handwriting - Letter Formation baseline and outcome assessment

Intervention Programme 6: Handwriting - Fluency and Speed
Handwriting - Fluency and Speed baseline and outcome assessment

Feedback form
We want your feedback. Please use this form and email completed forms to so we can continue to develop the materials.

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