Frequently asked questions

Who can be referred?

  • Children and young people aged 0 to 18 years old, or 19 years old if in special education or in receipt of child benefit
  • Children in permanent residence within Warwickshire and/or have a Warwickshire G.P
  • Children whose parents/carers pay council tax to Warwickshire where the reason for referral relates to adaptations and equipment for the home environment
  • Children not resident in Warwickshire, but who attend a Warwickshire school and the reason for referral relates to problems accessing the curriculum or school environment
  • Who can refer?

  • Parents
  • GPs
  • Consultants and community paediatricians
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Schools
  • Psychology services or other professional
  • How can I refer?

    The Occupational Therapy service accepts referrals by phone, fax, letter or email, from parents, schools, G.P.s and other health or social care professionals.

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    Download a referral form

    What sort of difficulties can you help with?

  • Hand function
  • Motor skills
  • Perceptual skills
  • Self-organisational skills
  • Self-care and daily living skills
  • Play skills
  • Assessment for specialist equipment
  • Assessment for housing adaptations
  • Upper limb splinting
  • Sensory processing (offered through a separate traded service)
  • click here for our resources area for useful information on common childhood difficulties

    What can't you help with?

  • Overcrowding at home
  • Foot drop splints
  • Helmets
  • Car seats and harnesses
  • Difficulties only related to educational achievement
  • Issues primarily of an emotional or behavioural nature
  • Buggies/Wheelchairs - if you require assessment for a specialist buggy or wheelchair please contact Warwickshire Wheelchair services
  • What type of treatment and support might we get?

    Our interventions include:
    Providing information and advice for parents/carers and other service providers (health, social work, education)

  • Providing activity programmes and ways of supporting the child in different environments. This intervention may be carried out in partnership with parents/carers and others involved in the child's well being following the Occupational Therapist's recommendations
  • Recommendation of specialist equipment to support functional skills and learning
  • Involvement with educational and transition planning
  • Direct therapy with child individually or in a group
  • Where do you assess and treat children?

  • Nurseries
  • Pre-schools
  • Schools
  • Home
  • Health centres/Clinics
  • How long will my child have to wait to be seen?

    While we aim to see every child in a timely manner, we do have a waiting list. If the referral meets our service criteria the case is either placed on our waiting list or allocated to an occupational therapist depending on urgency, which is determined by level of risk.

    My English is limited, can I have an interpreter?

    An interpreter can be arranged for you. If you would like this service then please contact the Occupational Therapy Department as soon as possible so this can be arranged to coincide with your appointment.

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