How can I help the child at school?

How to help the child at School?

Children’s Occupational Therapy has designed 6 programmes to choose from, arranged in a developmental sequence.

Starting with foundation skills in movement and body awareness, moving on to more complex fine motor and pre-writing skills, all the way up to handwriting fluency.

Each programme is designed to run for a half term (6 weeks), with 3 short sessions (approximately 20-30 minutes) per week.

The programmes are ideal for a small group setting and the booklets contain all the information you need to deliver the programmes, with a session-by-session plan.

A simple checklist helps you decide which programme would be most suitable for each child, and there are accompanying baseline and outcome measures, and a form for recording each session.


Click here for the checklist to trial strategies and equipment to try in Classroom.

Use this to identify classroom strategies you can try to common difficulties.

Download Which programme? Checklist

Use this to help decide which programme to use with each child.

Based on the outcome of the 'Which Programme? Checklist

Download the relevant Baseline and Outcome Assessment Form below.

Complete this before starting the intervention and at the end of the intervention.

1. Foundation Skills baseline and outcome assessment

2. Hand Skills baseline and outcome assessment

3. Skilled Hand Use baseline and outcome assessment

4. Visual Perception baseline and outcome assessment

5. Handwriting - Letter Formation baseline and outcome assessment

6. Handwriting - Fluency and Speed baseline and outcome assessment

Download Intervention Programmes below:

1. Intervention Programme 1: Foundation Skills

2. Intervention Programme 2: Hand Skills

3. Intervention Programme 3: Skilled Hand Use

4. Intervention Programme 4: Visual Perception

5. Intervention Programme: 5: Handwriting - Letter Formation

6. Intervention Programme: 6: Handwriting - Fluency and Speed

Download the Session completion record

Use this document to record which sessions have been completed and any important progress/ difficulties.

Complete the 'After Intervention' column in the Baseline and Outcome Assessment form filled at the start of the intervention.

See above for the links to download.

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