How can I help my child at home?

We believe in early identification and support within the community.

This is in-line with the best practise evidence that suggests educating and up-skilling those working in closest proximity to the child/young person.

Please follow the steps below to help your child at home:

  • Choose the area of difficulty that you and/or your child’s teacher think they have most difficulty with and work mainly on that area first.
  • Decide what is a priority for your child and try to tackle this first.
  • To prioritise, think about which difficulty is having the greatest impact on a day to day basis.
  • Set small and manageable targets, using the goal setting template to help you.
  • Download the outcome form here.
  • Practise activities as per the advice sheets from the resource finder.
  • Complete Monitoring form here for your and professionals record.
  • Please read the guide to help you understand how to get the best from this resource. Click here to read or download.
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