Motor Coordination Clinic

Does your child present with fine and gross motor coordination difficulties?

Children’s Occupational Therapy Team and Physiotherapy Team have developed this pathway to support children with difficulties related to fine and gross motor coordination skills.

Prior to a referral into this pathway, we require you to complete the following programmes within the educational setting and can be supported by home.


Following completion of the programmes, if the child continues to have motor skills deficit that interferes with their ability to complete everyday activities (such as self-care) appropriate to their developmental age and impacts academic/school productivity, prevocational and vocational activities, leisure and play, please refer them to our Motor Coordination Clinic. (See below for how to refer)

How to refer for Motor Coordination Clinic

Scan this QR code for the Parental Questionnaire.

Scan QR code.

Please note, the referral will not be accepted without the above documents via email and a completed parent questionnaire.

On receipt of the information and referral form, this will be reviewed to assess if the child requires an assessment within the motor coordination clinic for problem such as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, or if their needs are best met by our services individually.

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