​Occupational therapy traded service for schools

We are delighted to announce that in Warwickshire we have established some Paediatric Occupational Therapy services which can be bought in on a traded basis. These traded services include a schools service for children with functional difficulties, and a specialist service for children with sensory processing difficulties(please see separate brochure below for sensory service).

We are offering a three tiered service where schools can choose their preferred option following discussion with their named therapist.

What is the role of Occupational Therapy within schools?

Occupational Therapists work in a wide range of environments. However, most of our work is based either at home or within mainstream and special schools. In order for any child to access the curriculum and learn they need to have basic underlying skills relating to posture, perception and motor skills. As Occupational Therapists we get involved in helping children to develop these skills. Our ultimate aim is to promote as much independence in the areas of a child's 'occupation' as each individual child can achieve. Our presence in schools also promotes multi-disciplinary working. Consequently our potential role within mainstream and special schools could be significant.

What can this Traded Service offer?

We feel that we have a lot to offer both children and staff in schools and are excited to be able to offer a three tiered system of intervention in an attempt to meet as many needs as possible.

  • Tier 1 - Workshops
  • Tier 2 - General Classroom Based Activities
  • Ties 3 - Specialist 1:1 Assessment
  • Referral Process

    Schools referring into this traded service can use two tools in which to highlight children who would benefit from Occupational Therapy intervention.

  • Identify children within the school using the screening tool.
  • Request that their therapist highlights children through their classroom based observations (Tier 2).

  • If you have any further queries or questions relating to this service please contact us on: 02475 189196.

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