The Pre-School team provides support for children ages 0-5 years across a range of settings, including nurseries, children’s centres and community clinics. When you see us for the first time, the therapist will talk to you about your concerns and assess your child’s strengths and needs through play. Following assessment the therapist will give advice including strategies to use at home and in their early years setting. Your child may also be offered clinic based group or individual therapy dependent on their need.

We work closely with Early Years settings, Health Visitors, Specialist Teachers and other professionals to support your child’s development. We also contribute to Education, Health and Care Plans if required.

The pyramid below shows how communication skills develop. The skills at the bottom come first and need to be in place to support the development of the skills higher up the pyramid.

Please click on the links below for further info and advice about how to support your child’s communication development, and find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Social Interaction & Play

Take a look at our leaflets for developing your child’s social communication and play skills:


For simple, fun activities that you and your child can do together to develop play and communication, visit:

For advice and support for autism, see the links below:

Attention & Listening

Take a look at our leaflets and play ideas for developing your child’s attention and listening skills:



To find information about typical speech development, visit:

Take a look at our advice leaflets for supporting speech sound development:


Using Makaton can help develop children’s language skills. We have created these videos for key signs to use at home and at nursery/school. For more information, visit:



Useful websites

‘Time to Talk’ is a project supporting the development of early language and communication skills in babies and children across Warwickshire. For more information, visit:

Visit the Family Information Service page to find support with finding the right childcare choice for you:

Click on the links below to find your local Children’s Centre who can offer support for families aged 0-19 years:

Pre-school Online resources

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