School Age

The School-Age team provides support to children in mainstream schools from Reception to Year 6. We also support children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (previously statements of educational need) with their transition into year 7. Each school has a named therapist who will work with your child.

At your first appointment, our therapists will carry out assessments to establish your child’s strengths and needs. Following assessment the therapist will give recommendations and strategies to use at home and in school. Your child may also be offered a programme of work or group / individual therapy sessions dependent on their need.

We work closely with parents, school staff, Specialist Teachers and other professionals to provide effective care as part of a Warwickshire multi-agency Speech, Language and Communication Needs Pathway – please see link below for more details. We also provide support through Education, Health and Care Plans.

All schools in Warwickshire have access to the Speech and Language Resource File, which provides in depth advice and activity ideas. Training and additional Speech and Language Therapy time is available for schools to buy in, please see the ‘Traded Service’ section for more information.

Please use the links below for further advice about how to support your child’s speech and language development.

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