Traded Service / Training

We are currently offering whole school training for free – please see the flyer for more details.

School Based Traded Service

The NHS is able to provide services for children with the highest level of Speech & Language Therapy need. However there is a significant group of children who have language and communication difficulties that do not meet the criteria for on-going support under the NHS. Schools can purchase additional Speech and Language Therapy time to support these children.

This time can be used for:

  • Observation of child in the classroom/playground
  • Assessment of a child
  • Advising school staff
  • Meeting with parent/carers
  • Planning and review meetings
  • Training school staff (see below)
  • Running language / communication groups or individual therapy sessions


Makaton training (beginner & follow up) is available for parents and professionals. For details of the next course in your area please contact your local SLT department.

Schools are able to buy in specific training packages for members of staff including:

  • Classroom Communicators (comprehensive TA training)
  • Tuned-in (developing attention and listening skills)
  • Word Power (vocabulary teaching and learning)
  • A Practical Guide to Speech, Phonological Skills and Literacy
  • Setting up and running a range of language groups to develop listening, memory, understanding, talking and social skills.

Please see our Training Brochure for more details.

Early years staff can access training through ‘time to talk’™, find out more from their website.

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