March 2023

Amelia Weaver
Clinical Education Fellow
You may recognise Amelia pictured below
from international news channels showcasing
the international support Turkey received
following the devastating earthquake they
experienced on Monday 6 February. Ameli
provided vital assistance in Turkey by helping
to reunite a child with her Mother and Father
after being entombed for around 72hrs.

The Trust is extremely proud that Amelia
is a member of staff who has worked
within the NHS for 20 years.

Amelia, who is also impressively United Kingdom’s
International Search and Rescue Team’s (UKISAR)
youngest and only female doctor, joined a team
of firefighters, a vet, structural engineers
and search dogs to assist with the disaster.

Amelia and the team worked solidly over
two weeks in awful conditions to help
save lives through the rescue missions they carried out.

As per the United Nations guidelines UKISAR
is a “heavy” team, meaning it comprises the
following five components; Management, Logistics,
Search, Rescue and Medical. Heavy USAR Teams
have the operational capability for complex
technical search and rescue operations, that require
the ability to cut, break and breach steel
reinforced concrete structures, as well as
delayer these structures using lifting and rigging techniques.

Amelia thanked the Trust for their support
in enabling her to be quickly deployed to
assist with the disaster. She said: “Thank you!
I feel seen, heard and supported by a Trust
that adheres to its values.”

She also specifically noted: “Rob Knell,
Postgraduate Medical Education Manager,
and Hannah Webber, Lead Clinical Education Fellow,
were extraordinary in freeing my rota to release me.
I am grateful.

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team
We are thrilled to announce that the
Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team
at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust
has been awarded the DLD Friendly Service
award from NAPLIC, the National Association
of Professionals working with Language Impaired Children.

This award is a testament to the hard work,
dedication, and expertise of the entire
Children's Speech and Language Therapy Team.
Their commitment to providing high-quality,
person-centered care for children with
speech and language impairments is outstanding.
Laura Greenway
Despite the freezing cold snow in March, Laura parked her car and walked to one of her patients during her visit to ensure they received the best possible care.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all SWFT staff who visited patients in remote areas during the snow. Your tireless efforts to ensure that patients receive the care they need, regardless of their location, are deeply appreciated.

Thank you to all our workforce for your commitment to our patients and for making a difference in their lives during adverse weather conditions


Allsopp, Chadwick and Feldon Ward
Allsopp, Chadwick and Feldon Ward at Leamington Hospital have created a display to identify instances of improper glove usage and provide education to those who wear gloves inappropriately as part of the 'Gloves Off' campaign.


Kate Liptrot
Kate has been making a significant impact in her role since joining in July 2022 by working closely with the Safeguarding, Learning Disability, and Speech and Language Teams to gain a better understanding of all areas. She continuously encourages Nursing staff to attend courses on ASD and Learning Disability to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Kate has been working closely on changing the hospital passports to make them more child-friendly. This area is just one example of her commitment to making reasonable adjustments and supporting those with ASD.