Organisational structure

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) is managed by a Board of Directors and they are responsible for all financial, operational and strategic issues. These are discussed at monthly Board of Director meetings, held in public.

The Trust is overseen by a Council of Governors who are appointed by local organisations, and elected by our members that are drawn from staff, patients, and the public. They help to ensure that the needs of the community are heard.

In 2017 a ‘Foundation Group’ was created in partnership with South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) and Wye Valley NHS Trust (WVT). In 2018 George Eliot Hospitals NHS Trust (GEH) joined the Group. All three organisations face similar challenges and have a common strategic vision for how these can be solved. The Foundation Group model retains the identity of each individual trust whilst strengthening the opportunities available to secure a sustainable future for local health services. There are numerous benefits for local communities across Warwickshire and Herefordshire including the provision of a wider platform to share best practice and improving whole system patient pathways. Glen Burley is the Chief Executive at all three Trusts, with Managing Directors in post whom are responsible for each individual organisation; Anne Coyle is Managing Director at SWFT, David Eltringham at GEH and Jane Ives at WVT.

SWFT Clinical Services Ltd is an established 100% wholly owned subsidiary of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. South Warwickshire NHS Trust was awarded Foundation Trust status in 2010, and became one of the first in the country to set up a limited company as a business subsidiary. Since then, many other Foundation Trusts have gone on to set up similar businesses, utilising a model that is now well established. To learn more about SWFT Clinical Services Ltd visit

Innovate Healthcare Services (IHS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) and is jointly controlled by SWFT and George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust (GEH). The company became operational in December 2021 and provides ICT, Information Governance and Access to Health Records services to both SWFT and GEH, as well as primary care in Warwickshire.