Veterans Covenant Healthcare Alliance

We are very proud to say that we have achieved accreditation as a “Veteran Aware” Trust. This means that we have been recognised as being committed to helping to drive improvements in NHS care for people who serve or have served in the UK armed forces and for their families.

As well as improving the care of veterans, as a "Veteran Aware" Trust we aim to remove barriers to the employment of veterans and actively identify ways in which the organisation can support career opportunities for them.

What do we mean by veterans?

A veteran is defined as any person who has been a member of the British Armed Forces for any length of time. All veterans are entitled to priority access to NHS care (including hospital, primary or community care) for service-related conditions associated with their time in the armed forces. They may also have very different skills and experiences, which could benefit the NHS from an employment perspective. The NHS needs to do more to actively encourage veterans to pursue these opportunities and as a “Veteran Aware” Trust we will play our part in doing this.

For more information please click the following link to view a Patient Information Leaflet SWH 05983 Veteran Aware NHS Trust.

To refer a Veteran patient for additional support from military charities who work with SWFT, please complete this form for single point of access for Veteran support services and email We can help with financial advice/ support, mental health and wellbeing, housing, mobility, loneliness and more.

Please visit Veteran Aware for more information or email


ADFAM has received funding from the Veterans Foundation to provide remote support to adult family members of veterans with substance use problems.

The service is open to any adult family member of someone who has served in the British armed forces and has drug or alcohol problems. This includes partners, parents, siblings, adult children, grandparents, stepparents, or any other family relationship. The service provides six sessions, usually weekly, with a qualified and experienced family support professional, who is trained to understand the specific circumstances of military families.

Find out more about the service and submit a referral click here.