What a Governor does

A foundation trust is overseen by a Council of Governors who are elected by its Members (public and staff) and appointed by local organisations. A public or staff Governor is elected to represent the constituency of which they are a member.

As a minimum, a Governor is expected to attend meetings of the Council of Governors four times a year and to participate in other activities arranged by the Council, including regular committee meetings and Members’ events.

We support our Governors with training sessions to help them with their duties. The position is unpaid, however, expenses incurred (such as travel) when carrying out the duties of a Governor, will be reimbursed.

Governor elections

Anyone aged 16 years and over, and from the designed constituency area, can stand for election as a Governor.

Full details of future elections will be updated on this page. If you would like anymore information about the latest election results please contact the Membership Office.

South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust held elections for its Council of Governors’ West Stratford and Borders Constituency and Clinical Support Constituency. Please see below for the statement of nominated candidates, notice of poll and report of voting.


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