Health2Home - online shop for health products

Health2Home is a personal on-line service, developed by clinicians, packed full of health information and recommended products to treat many common conditions.

The aim is for you to take control of your condition, focus on your health, know what good looks like, obtain the right advice and implement clinician recommended treatments that will support you to reach your aim. For some this will mean full recovery, for others this will mean that you have your condition under your control and not the other way around.

Its origins were based on clinicians wanting to ensure that when their patients were recommended a specific foot-care product, that they did indeed purchase the correct item. The foot-care world can be confusing. Too many times patients end up purchasing the wrong item which then causes further foot problems - this is not a healthy option. Perhaps the pink version looks more cool than the recommended blue one but there will be a reason why the blue one is necessary, so we do advise you stick to the items you have been recommended. If you need further advice do re-contact your clinician.

How can I purchase products from Health2Home?

After meeting your clinician, the advice that you were given and any products that will specifically help you to improve your condition, are waiting for you at

Once on the site, simply enter the recommended product code that you were provided with during your consultation to view your recommendations. These can be delivered straight to your door at the click of a button or you can collect your items for free from Warwick Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy.

To find out more about Health2Home visit: