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Warwick and district borders

Mrs Jane Arrowsmith

I completed my nurse training at Warwick hospital and over the years have maintained my full commitment to South Warwickshire Foundation Trust. More recently I have enjoyed my role of hospital governor working to help ensure that the care provided is the ‘best it can be’.

I believe that the governor role is important in helping to ensure that the community are represented fully at all levels. During my six years I have been Chair of the Patient Care Committee; a member of the Clinical Governance Committee where senior clinicians discuss important strategic and clinical issues; served as a member of the Nomination and Renumeration committee tasked with providing assurance in terms of recruitment and appraisal of the Trust Chair and Non-Executive Board. I regularly attend the monthly Board meetings and Governor development sessions.

I have enjoyed a varied clinical career that has included ward sister, Research and Development nurse and Clinical Effectiveness manager in both Coventry and Rugby hospitals always focusing on ensuring that care is the best it can be. I currently work for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services helping them to develop services targeted at the most vulnerable; helping to keep people safe from harm and living independently in their own home. I have really enjoyed my role of hospital governor and hope you feel able to vote for me to remain as a governor and continue the important role of providing assurance and a voice for our local community.

Michael Coker

I had the privilege of being elected as a foundation Governor in 2009 and then served on the governing

body for some seven years but did not stand for re-election in 2016 as a result of pressure of other duties. During that time I was chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and helped to appoint the Chairman and Directors of the Trust throughout that period.

I practice locally as a Solicitor throughout my career and also served as HM Coroner for Warwickshire for some 25 years in total as well as serving as a District and Town Councillor in Keniworth for many years. I believe this varied experience and knowledge of the local area should be of value to the Trust.

Further, I now know that I will have the time available that the post of governor requires and would love to have the privilege of giving that time to the Trust, which provides one, if not the most important service in our area. We are all fortunate to have a good hospital service within our district and I would wish to give such support as I am able to maintain that good and efficient care.

Dr Richard Grime

I have had type 1 diabetes for 43 years and this has brought me into contact with several departments within the Trust, both attending outpatient clinics and as a day surgery patient. Over the time that I have been attending clinics at Warwick Hospital I have seen many improvements, and I wish to see the Trust continue to build upon these.

I was elected a governor in 2009 and since then I have attended and contributed to all of the council of governors meetings. I am an active governor, involved in many of the governor and trust committees. I believe that the most important responsibility of governors is to engage with the public and to champion improvements patients would like to see. I am involved, as a patient, with the local Clinical Commissioning Group, with the South Warwickshire Diabetes Clinical Network and I have recently been appointed to Diabetes UK’s national patient advisory group.

I am passionate about maintaining the principles upon which the NHS was founded. That is, to provide care for all, based upon clinical need, and to be free at the point of delivery. I believe that through the NHS everyone has the right to receive the best possible healthcare and that the NHS should shape its services for the needs and preferences of individual patients. If re-elected as a governor I will continue to hold the Trust to these principles and ensure that the Trust’s actions always benefit the entire community.

Patricia Scott

Since retiring I have been involved in voluntary work in the local community, the most recent being connected to the NHS. For 11 years I was a carer to a family member. On several occasions during the last 18 months I have been visiting a patient in Warwick Hospital. During this time I became aware of the workings of various departments.

I am a resident of Kenilworth and belong to two local organisations. I believe I could bring to the role of governor open-mindedness, willingness to question, good questioning skills, good listening skills, preparedness to learn, ability to weigh up different opinions/arguments, confidence to speak up on behalf of others, a strong conviction in the NHS, realisation that I may be wrong, the importance of being open and honest and not shying away from aggressive confrontation but seeking amicable dialogue.

I have no professional financial qualifications nor experience as a Governor of any organisation although for 3 years was Director of a voluntary service. The only degree I have is one of common sense.

Warwick and Leamington towns

Chris Baker

I owe the NHS a great deal and hope to be able to pay something back as a public governor. Being in good health for most of my life, my exposure to the NHS had been very limited until it all changed for me three years ago.

Spending several weeks in hospital for neurosurgical and radiotherapy treatment of a cancer and then being an outpatient for haematological monitoring of my progress, I have received exemplary care that I will never forget. But I also witnessed evidence of an organisation working at full stretch and on many occasions clearly being overstretched. It was suddenly familiar to me, for it is in tackling such matters that I have spent most of my professional life.

I hope that my 25 years of experience of working with large organisations on efficiency improvement, cost reduction and management of change could be of value in helping the Trust, its local patients, suppliers and other stakeholders alike. Originally from Birmingham, I moved to Leamington Spa with my wife in 1986 and my son and daughter have grown up here. My background is as a Chartered Engineer and my career began in manufacturing industry, but since an unusual career switch some ten years ago I am now a professional historian and genealogist.

Rachel Barnes

I became a Governor to represent my community and apply my skills, knowledge, attributes and passion for service improvement to help support the delivery of effective healthcare in Warwickshire.

With over 28 years’ experience in management roles within the public and private sector, I have a broad range of skills including a degree in Microbiology from Warwick University, an MBA with Distinction (majoring in operational strategy), 10 years operational experience in Severn Trent Water including managing a £10 million mobile working project, 9 years at the Audit Commission inspecting local services across the Central Region, 7 years in Fire & Rescue as Transformation Manager, and most recently in Warwickshire County Council since March 2018 as Health and Wellbeing Delivery Manager which has given me a valuable insight into the health system and an interest in improving services in this area.

I currently coordinate the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board in Warwickshire and the joint Place Forum with Coventry which involves working with key partners. I am keen to be more involved in local health services and develop stringer links with the community and other partners. With my local authority representation and knowledge of the health sector, my management and audit background, a strong record of delivering improvements in both the public and private, coupled with high levels of integrity, honesty and leadership, I believe I would be a strong candidate for the role of governor and would welcome consideration for the post.

Mrs Ruth Cowan

I became a Governor of South Warwickshire Foundation Trust in 2010 and in eight years the Trust has gone from strength to strength to become one of the most respected in the country. I am proud to be a Governor representing the voice of the people of Leamington and Warwick.

My time spent as Governor includes attending monthly meetings with the non-executive directors prior to the board meetings, quarterly round table events with the board and fellow Governors and sitting on the Patient Care, End of Life and Food for Life Committees.

What is important in the Governor role is being a conduit between you the users of our service and the staff and management team. Putting your views and ideas as how the Trust is performing and how things could be changed or improved. The Trust has recently taken on the challenge of running the Community service and this will greatly improve the health and social care in the county.

I look forward to continuing my work with the Trust

Jane Knight

I feel qualified to take on this responsibility because of my wide experience of governing organisations. In many cases I have been Chair of the governing bodies on which I have served. For example, I have been Chair of Warwick District Council, (WDC), the WDC Finance and Audit Scrutiny committee, Shrubland St. school governors, member of WDC Health Scrutiny committee, and member and chair of various community organisations.

I have initiated many new community activities such as Leamington Peace Festival and the 38 year friendship link with Bo in Sierra Leone, which includes health links.

I have worked for 17 years as an OXFAM campaigner, and then worked internationally promoting development partnerships between local councils and communities in Africa, India, Chile and Japan.

Since 2003 I have served on Children’s Centres’ Strategic Advisory Group. Through my council work I have been closely involved with the development of various programmes, such as the WDC Leisure Centres, Pump Room Gardens and Newbold Comyn, and the building of Sayer Court Sheltered flats for the elderly).

Around 2014, I had cancer and meningitis and had pancreatitis before that. I was looked after by staff at Warwick Hospital and was so impressed with the professional expertise and wonderful care provided. I am now in perfect health.

My greatest delight is my family of 5 sons and 15 grandchildren. Retiring next year from the Council, means I can take on being a Public Governor.

West Stratford and borders

Mr Roger Lloyd

I have lived in the area for 40 years and have always used Warwick Hospital (A&E, Oncology and Cardio Care) when the need has arisen for my family and myself. I believe in the NHS which clearly needs help from its users to develop in a manner which continues to serve the wider community delivering the services which they need.

My experience as a lawyer for more than 40 years enables me to understand NHS regulations. I am fully retired and able to devote all the necessary time to the role of Governor and now seek re-election as a Governor having served for 3 years and undertaken the relevant training.

As a Governor I have attended :

• Board meetings
• Audit and Finance & Performance Committees as an observer
• Council of Governors’ meetings
• General Purposes and Business Oversight Committees

I am also on the Project Board working to improve the car parking facilities at Warwick. These have given me a good understanding of the workings of SWFT and the role and performance of the Non-Executive Directors. With your assistance, I hope to be able to continue being an advocate for the community. I have in the past brought issues / concerns raised with me to the attention of the Chairman / Chief Executive / Executive Directors for action and comment.

Mrs Mary Malloy

My 37 years working in the NHS has given me extensive experience of hospital and primary care services and management. This includes strategy, service improvement, cost effectiveness, governance and training. I wish to use my knowledge and understanding to benefit SWFT.

I held senior clinical pharmacy posts in teaching hospitals for 20 years followed by senior management posts in a Primary Care Trust. I have experience of supporting GPs, community services, social care and public health. I have been a nursing home inspector and was a Director of Warwickshire Care Services which operates twelve care homes.

In the last seven years as a governor, and current Lead Governor, I have devoting many hours to the Council of Governors and other key strategy meetings. I chair the General Purposes Committee and sit on Appointments and Patient Care Committees. I attend Board meetings and meet regularly with the Chairman raising my own and constituents’ concerns.

My family have lived in Stratford for 26 years, so I know local NHS services well. I supported the Stratford Hospital development and will continue to listen to constituents and promote best possible services for Stratford residents.

As a governor I am committed to putting patients first, seeking assurances on quality and availability of health services, and to the success of SWFT. I am passionate about maintaining NHS principles within an integrated publicly funded and provided NHS. I have the experience, time and dedication to continue to commit fully to the Governor role.

East Stratford and borders

Mr David Gee

I have been a Governor of the Trust ever since its beginning, so have a wealth of experience which will be invaluable when facing the challenges ahead.

During this time, I have fully supported SWFT which is now one of the top-performing Trusts in the whole of the UK. However, during this time I have not hesitated to question, ensuring that patient’s interests are always taken into consideration. I was an active member of the project team for the new Stratford Hospital which is now providing a greatly improved service to local residents and I will continue to fully support all future developments within the local area.

With increasing demands and never enough money, the future holds increasing challenges for the whole of the NHS. I am a strong supporter of the NHS which my family have used extensively over the years. If re-elected, using my long experience, I will continue to fully support the NHS and best care for all local residents.

Alexandra Mann

As a member of the Friends of Ellen Badger Hospital, my interest in applying for the position of Governor relates to the provision of Mental Health treatment in the National Health Service. Currently mental health issues in this country appear to be growing at an alarming rate, particularly in young people and pressure is building on the NHS to provide additional treatments for those suffering with mental health issues.

I first became interested in mental health when I was studying for a BSc. in Psychology and my dissertation researched Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the military. This was at the height of the war in Afghanistan and soldiers were returning suffering with PTSD. Being a professional coach I am an excellent communicator, helping people to be the best they can be in life. In my role as Governor communication will be key in bringing about change in this area of mental health provision.

As a Governor for East Stratford and Borders, I would relish the opportunity to be instrumental in driving forward the further provision of mental health treatments for those suffering with mental health issues such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. In order to bring this about I would consider it a great privilege to represent my constituency by attending all meetings required of me in my role as Governor, such as Council of Governors meetings and Round Table meetings. This is a wonderful opportunity to drive change forward in the field of Mental Health.

Mike Wells

I’m a retired IT project manager who’s lived in Shipston on Stour for over 20 years and in South Warwickshire for 30 years. I have 35 years of experience in the delivery of IT to businesses ranging from Automotive to the NHS, including the Trust, to Government departments.

I have been a Governor of the Trust since April 2018.

As a recipient of the Trust’s services I have always been delighted with my interactions with the staff and the outcomes they’ve achieved for me. However, I am aware that this is not the case for everyone and the issues I hear most commonly relate to people in more complex situations that require both the Trust and external Agencies to work together. For these people the whole patient journey is often, for a variety of reasons, disjointed and I hope to help the Trust to lead on building a more complete and integrated Service across all of the Agencies.

As a Governor I have attended public meetings gaining a better understanding of the requirements of the local population and then use this in Trust meetings. I am a member of the Ellen Badger Hospital redevelopment project team and board where I use my local knowledge to help the team working on this exciting redevelopment. I attend the monthly Trust Board meetings and the Business Oversight Committee as well as attending regular Governor meetings.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue to work with the Trust as it develops and progresses.

North Warwickshire and Rugby

Karen Callender

Whilst I do not work within the NHS, I do my uppermost to keep abreast of what is happening; I believe I understand its strengths and weaknesses regarding patient care; this is based upon being a patient, carer and having family members working in the NHS.

Whilst having previously been a Sales and Marketing Manager for the large independent company, I understand the value of effective communications between parties. Communication can be the making, or breaking of an effective relationship; in this case between the NHS and those reliant upon the service.

I now have a part-time role, which would allow me to dedicate the time to undertake the role as Governor.

My intent would be to offer the views and experiences of my community, to improve communication and understanding between the community and the NHS; hopefully, improving the services provided by the NHS, whilst it continues to face increasing demands.

I believe that prevention is more cost effective than treatment and as such, promoting caring for oneself, as well as relying on the NHS would improve the overall wellbeing of the community and save resources for other services being pressurised.

I would like to help shape local healthcare, voice concerns of the individuals, as well as the masses in a constructive manor, to ensure that the NHS does what is right for my community.

Dr Cally Harrison

Cally Harrison has a clinical, academic and managerial background and lengthy experience in the NHS. After working for different trusts around the country (primary/community services and secondary care), she felt that one of the best ways to improve and maintain high standards of care locally was to become a Foundation Trust Governor.

She believes that as it has been shown by many national and international think tanks, quality should be the organising principle of any credible healthcare organisation, hence she would like to use her knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure that the local NHS continues to successfully serve its patients.

Being of a mixed ethnic background, she also has a strong interest in ensuring that all patients, carers, staff members, and partners do feel valued and are treated with integrity, honesty, fairness, empathy, compassion and respect. She has been a public governor since July 2012 and she believes this role gave her the opportunity to participate and constructively contribute to a number of committees and forums around a variety of issues from performance, governance and finance to IT innovation projects, partnership working/pathway redesigns within the local Health Economy and patient involvement initiatives.

She was also sent alongside other governors to numerous training and development accredited courses and fed back to the Council of Governors and the Trust Board.

Cally believes that the NHS needs to reform to deliver on multiple challenges and for this to happen staff at all levels need to embrace multidisciplinary team working, subsidiarity and consistency.

Staff governors

Helena Darcy-Cope - Nursing and Midwifery Community

I’m Helena Darcy-Cope, I’m a Nurse professional Lead in the Community, leading Homefirst CERT in the Stratford Locality.

My previous posts have been various, in acute and community over my 25 year Nurse career so far, from A&E, MAU to District Nursing.

I am passionate about health and wellbeing for staff and patients and try to champion this in my team and wider in the Trust.

I wanted to became a Staff Governor to help the Trust understand and be aware of the ground level staff in the community especially, feeding up and down any issues.

Out of work I am a freelance fitness instructor and enjoy teaching lots of classes locally in the Stratford area, and love travelling.

Jane Mason - Clinical Support OT

Carl Walker - Non-Clinical Support

Sue Warner - Nursing and Midwifrey Community

Miss Kathy Wagstaff - Nursing and Midwifery Acute
Kathy: "I have been employed at SWFT since 2009 firstly as a matron and now as Clinical Lead Nurse for CERU, I am passionate about providing safe, effective, compassionate nursing care to all of our patients. Although this is not my local hospital I do have family that live in the area that use our services and I feel its important to feel proud of SWFT and the services we offer.

"It is paramount that our patients have a voice into the services they require, want and use and I feel that I could bring my experience and skills to the role."

Dr Najmi Qureshi - Medical and Dental

Vacancy - Nursing and Midwifery Acute

Appointed governors

The Trust also has a number of Appointed Governors, who represent local stakeholder organisations and put forward the views of their organisations at the Council of Governors meetings. The Trust’s Appointed Governors are detailed in the list below.

  • Cllr Heather Calver – Stratford District Council
  • Sophie Black – University of Warwick
  • Dr Adrian Parsons - GP rep SWCCG
    "Having worked as a Junior Doctor at Warwick Hospital for five years and then as a GP in South Warwickshire for over 25 years, I have always devoted a proportion of my time to supporting a wide variety of projects to improve local, regional and national NHS care.

I am currently an appointed governor by virtue of my clinical advisory role to South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group. I also work as a GP clinical advisor to the Care Quality Commission.

My main areas of interest are clinical governance, out of hours services and urgent care (including NHS 111) and clinical quality improvement.

  • Cllr Les Caborn – Warwickshire County CouncilLes_Caborn_Photo.jpg
  • Cllr Jo Barker - Warwick District Council