Who's who

Warwick and district borders

Jean Arrowsmith trained as a nurse at Warwick Hospital and worked in a variety of roles for 15 years. She believes that the knowledge and experience gained both in a hospital and community setting will assist her with achieving the full potential of being a Governor. Her clinical experience will also help in gaining the respect of clinicians, important in developing the credibility around the role of Governor.

Robert Ashby was a public governor when the hospital first became a Foundation Trust; he helped to establish the authority of governors. Over the last 50 years, his family and grandchildren have lived locally (in Kenilworth). He believes that we should get involved with helping our own health services and he is pleased to offer his time and energy. Robert has never had private medical insurance so he has a personal interest in being a governor and he is pleased to be representing his constituency again. His working life as a chartered engineer and a corporate senior manager provides directly relevant experience for the job of governor. This involved understanding and influencing directors, managers and staff with views, information and persuasion. Robert will make sure that the Trust listens and appreciates his feedback as well as the feedback from his constituency.

Richard Grimes became a Governor because he wanted to see the Trust continue to build upon these improvements. He is passionate about maintaining the principles upon which the NHS was founded and, as a Governor, ensures that the Trust is held to those principles and that the Trust’s actions are to the benefit of the community.

Phil Harvey has worked either in, or with the NHS most of his adult life. On leaving college, where he studied photography, he was employed by Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital as a trainee Medical Photographer. In 1974 he set up a commercial photography and design studio in Warwick and was invited to become medical photographer for Warwick Hospital, on a freelance basis. In 1988 he applied for the post of Audio Visual Supervisor at St Georges Hospital Medical School in London, where he became a member of the medical photography team, video team and lecture theatre manager, which served St Georges Hospital. He retired in 2009 and having been a work place first aider at St Georges, he volunteered for the British Red Cross as an event first aider. He served as a volunteer council chair for Warwickshire for three years. He would welcome the opportunity to give something back to the NHS.

Warwick and Leamington towns

Norman Byrne is a relatively new governor of the Trust and was elected in a by-election in 2014. He is a passionate supporter of the principles underling the NHS but accept that, to stay relevant and efficient, some change is essential but change must not come at the expense of core NHS principles. He believes that the NHS is under great financial pressure and faces major organisational change. He also believes that this places added pressure on the Trust and that sound governance is essential. Norman has spent 40 years in business, most recently, as a director of sales and operations for a major international company. He offers his management skills, organisational experience and common sense to help ensure that the Trust maintains the best of this wonderful service. Experience has taught him that if a management team is to be effective it must have enthusiasm, dedication and ability. He believes for this to be maintained the hospital management team need to be accountable to, but also supported by, the population they serve. His wife spent all of her working life as a nurse in the NHS. He also has a daughter who is a senior nurse at Warwick Hospital and a daughter in-law who is a Health Care Assistant. Norman has the greatest respect for the staff within the service and he wishes to ensure that the Trust fully supports those individuals as well as the patients they serve. He also aims to continue to support both the users of the NHS and those working within it.

Ruth Cowan is a Chartered Physiotherapist and has been living in Leamington Spa for over 40 years. She has worked in the NHS, Education (Coventry University) and the private sector. Ruth is involved on several committees including Patient Care and Food for Life. She attends regular meetings of other volunteer working groups within the Trust and she states that the main focus is to always represent and support patients and staff. Ruth is proud to be part of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Penny Smith is a local resident who has worked for many years as an economist at a senior level in the public and private sectors and is therefore, well equipped to understand and guide the financial management of the Trust. Her experience of volunteering on similar boards will help ensure she makes a positive contribution to the work of the Governors.

Matthew Statham has lived in the Leamington/Warwick area for most of his life and likes to take an active role in the community. As a Governor he brings a fresh perspective, with 20 years industry experience from outside the healthcare profession.

West Stratford and borders

Jon Bolger strongly believes that his commercial and operational background in providing procurement services to large and often complex organisations will be of value in the role of Governor. His contact with the Trust has been as a patient and he is passionate about the benefits the NHS brings to the whole community and has the desire to help how the Trust can continue to deliver these in times of austerity.

Roger Lloyd has lived in the area for 40 years and he has always used Warwick Hospital when the need has arisen for his family and himself. Roger is delighted to have been elected as a Governor. He believes this is the perfect time since his retirement for him to give back to the community the benefit of his experience of life with knowledge of the workings of the hospital from the receiving end. Roger has worked as a lawyer both in the Private and Public Sectors, listening to and advising both private clients and the departments of a large local authority. This is in addition to his main expertise in property and development.

Roger feels, in order to be most effective, the Governors need the ability to understand the issues facing the Trust and he believes that he has not only the skills and expertise but also the right degree of diplomacy to ask the challenging questions and search out the answers that will help ensure that the best service possible is delivered to the Community at large whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

Mary Ann Malloy has 37 years NHS experience as a clinician and a manager. She was a hospital pharmacist for 20 years before moving into primary care as a Pharmaceutical Adviser and Head of Medicines Management. Her experience in primary and community care includes professional advice, strategy, commissioning, service redesign, partnership working and governance. She was an inspector of nursing homes and has a special interest in the care of older people. She is a Trustee of Warwickshire Care Services. Mary is passionate about maintaining the principles of the NHS and became a Governor to use her experience to support the NHS locally in providing best quality services.

East Stratford and borders

Peter Gregory-Hood has been a civil servant in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for over 30 years; he hopes very much that he can act as an Ambassador for the Trust and the NHS in the community. Peter also hopes to bring the skills of coordination to the role of Governor and use his negotiating skills on behalf of the community.

David Gee was the last Chair of the South Warwickshire Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) Forum; he has been actively involved in representing the interests of patients throughout South Warwickshire for many years. David is experienced in the needs of the residents of South Warwickshire and will use this experience to ensure that the Trust continues to deliver an improving healthcare service.

Mike Wells is a retired IT project manager who has lived in Shipston on Stour for over 20 years and in South Warwickshire for nearly 30 years. He has 35 years of experience in the delivery of IT to businesses ranging from Automotive Manufacturing to the NHS, including South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, to Government departments. As a supplier of IT Solutions to the Trust from 2005 to 2009 through an ex-employer, Mike has worked with Trust staff at all levels as they worked through the changes to their processes brought about by introducing new IT and, in some cases, changes to the Trust’s organisation happening at the same time. As a Governor, Mike hopes that he can help the Trust to lead on building a more complete end to end service across the Trust and external agencies to improve the patient experience particularly for patients with complex needs.

North Warwickshire and Rugby

Jagjit Kaur Kohli is a retired Warwickshire Senior Librarian and has lived in Leamington, Coventry and Rugby. She has worked as a librarian and an interpreter throughout Warwickshire. She also has a long association with Warwick Hospital as a patient since 1980.

Cally Harrison has a clinical, academic and managerial background and lengthy experience in the NHS. After working for different trusts around the country (primary/community services and secondary care), she felt that one of the best ways to improve and maintain high standards of care locally was to become a Foundation Trust Governor. She believes that

as it has been shown by many national and international think tanks, quality should be the organising principle of any credible healthcare organisation, hence she would like to use her knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure that the local NHS continues to successfully serve its patients. Being of a mixed ethnic background, she also has a strong interest in ensuring that all patients, carers, staff members, partners and affiliates do feel valued and are treated with integrity, dignity, honesty, fairness, empathy, compassion and respect. She has been a public governor since July 2012 and she believes this role gave her the opportunity to participate and constructively contribute to a number of committees and forums around a variety of issues from performance, governance and finance to IT innovation projects, partnership working within the local Health Economy and patient involvement initiatives. She was also sent alongside other governors to training and development courses organised and delivered by NHS Providers and fed back to the Council of Governors and the Trust Board.

Cally believes that, in line with the King's Fund, the NHS needs to reform to deliver on multiple challenges and for this to happen she also believes that its leaders need to harness transparency and embrace a whole care pathway mentality.

Staff governors

Medical and Dental

Dr Shirley Rigby has worked at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust for the past 15 years; she has a strong loyalty to the organisation and wishes to see the Trust succeed in providing high quality care to the local population of Warwickshire. As a Consultant Physician (General Internal Medicine) and Rheumatologist she knows many of the staff group that she will represent. She hopes to use her knowledge and experience of being a front line clinician to help the board of governors in their important role.

Nursing and Midwifery Acute

Pamela Hemsley through a mixture of both life experiences and her 12 years, spent helping the public in the role of a health care assistant she feels that her election to the role of staff governor will benefit and enhance the decision making process within South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Kathy Wagstaff has been employed at SWFT since 2009 firstly as a matron and now as Clinical Lead Nurse for Central England Rehabilitation Unit. She is passionate about providing safe, effective, compassionate nursing care to all patients. Although this is not her local hospital she has a family that lives in the area that use the Trust’s services and she feels it’s important to feel proud of SWFT and the services it offers. She believes it is paramount that patients have a voice into the services they require, want and use. Kathy feels that she could bring her experience and skills to the role of a Governor.

Clinical Support

Jane Mason joined the Trust as an Occupational Therapist 14 years ago, spending nearly 9 years working in the community hospitals before moving across to the acute setting at Warwick as the Occupational Therapy Medical Team Lead in 2011. Since January 2015, Jane has been the Principal Occupational Therapist for the Medical, Trauma, Orthopaedic, and Surgical flows across Warwick Hospital and the Community Hospital sites. Jane is responsible for the operational day to day management of the OT team and the implementation of changes to service delivery in line with OT and Trust objectives such as the rollout of 7 day working.

Non-Clinical Support (including Managerial and Administrative Staff)

Jane Wheelan has worked for the Trust for 19 years and in that time held various positions, working in many different departments at Warwick Hospital including a service which was part acute and part primary care. She has been working in Patient Experience for 9 years, which incorporates the Trusts Patient Advice Liaison Service, Bereavement and Formal Complaint services.

She is a local resident and Warwick Hospital has been her local hospital all her life.

Nursing and Midwifery Community

Helena Darcy-Cope has worked in Community Services for over 20 years. She looks forward to supporting the Trust in their future challenges and to highlight the value of community integrated teams and how they play a pivotal role in the whole system approach to healthcare.

Sue Warner worked in the NHS for 41 years, mostly within the community, as a district nurse, practice teacher, a manger of specialist nursing and now a health visitor in Warwickshire. She has always had a keen interest in the art and science of nursing and continuous professional development. She is a Council Member of the Royal College of Nursing, joint chair of the RCN Nursing Practice and Policy Committee and Chair of the RCN West Midlands Regional Board.

Appointed governors

The Trust also has a number of Appointed Governors, who represent local stakeholder organisations and put forward the views of their organisations at the Council of Governors meetings. The Trust’s Appointed Governors for 2015/16 are detailed in the list below, which also includes the date of any appointments and resignations that happened during 2015/16.

  • Susan Adams – Stratford District Council
  • Felicity Bunker – Warwick District Council
  • Lara McCarthy– University of Warwick
  • Adrian Parsons – GP Consortium
  • Les Caborn - Warwickshire County Council