Who's who

Warwick District and Borders

Jean Arrowsmith

I completed my nurse training at Warwick Hospital and over the years have maintained my full commitment to South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT). I have enjoyed my role as hospital Governor working to help ensure that the care provided is the ‘best it can be’.

I believe that the Governor role is important in helping to make sure the community are represented fully at all levels. During my time as a Governor, I have chaired the Patient Care Committee; a member of the Clinical Governance Committee where senior clinicians discuss important strategic and clinical issues; served as a member of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee; tasked with providing assurance in terms of recruitment and appraisal of the Trust Chair and Non-Executive Board; member of the Safer Discharge Committee and regularly attend the monthly Board meetings and Governor development sessions.

I have enjoyed a varied clinical career that has included Ward Sister, Senior Nurse Manager, Research and Development nurse and Clinical Effectiveness Manager in South Warwickshire, Rugby and Coventry always focusing on ensuring the care is the best it can be. Until Covid intervened, I worked for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service as their Health Adviser developing services targeted at the most vulnerable; keeping people safe from harm and living independently in their own home. I have really enjoyed my role of hospital Governor and hope you feel able to vote for me to remain as a SWFT Hospital Governor so I can continue to support the important role of providing assurance and a voice for our local community.

Julie Bell

I became interested in becoming a Governor of South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) following the Covid pandemic. I had previously been involved simply as a coordinator for the 4x4 volunteers when we had adverse weather conditions and we needed to get staff into and home from work, but during the pandemic we became more involved delivering PPE and other items to outlying hospitals and clinics. This involvement meant I became more aware of the wonderful things the Trust was achieving under such trying circumstances and I felt I wanted to do more to ensure that peoples voices were heard. As a Governor I feel that my role is to represent and reflect the voice of the community at all levels.

I currently serve on the Patient Care Committee and am committed to putting patients first in all that we do, not forgetting that the SWFT employees need to be valued in all that they do.

I have lived in the Leamington Spa area for 30 years but my employment meant that I was unable to participate much in local issues because of international travel, however since working for myself and ‘slowing down’ I have been able to participate more and this role fulfils some of my ambition to be more involved in local matters.

Michael Coker

I had the privilege of being elected as a Foundation Trust Governor in 2009 and then served on the governing body for some seven years but did not stand for re-election in 2016 as a result of pressures of other duties. During that time I was Chair of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee and helped to appoint the Chairman and Directors of the Trust throughout that period.

I was fortunate to be returned as a Governor at our last election and have since then served on the Nominations and Remuneration Committee and also the End of Life Committee as an observer where I hope my previous experience has been useful.
I practiced locally as a Solicitor throughout my career and also served as HM Coroner for Warwickshire for some 25 years in total, as well as serving as a District and Town Councillor in Kenilworth for many years. I believe this varied experience and knowledge of the local area should be of value to the Trust.

I now have the time available that the post of Governor requires and have the privilege of giving that time to the Trust which provides one, if not the most, important service in our area. We are all fortunate to have a good hospital service in our district and I wish to give every support, where I am able, to the maintenance and where possible the improvement of that care.

Patricia Scott

I have been an Elected Public Governor for Warwickshire District and Borders of South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust for over four years. It has been an immensely interesting period of my life. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at the Trust was a surprise, and reassurance to me. It has been a period of continual learning as change in the NHS is happening constantly.

As part of my role as a Governor, I have become aware that some older people, and those who cannot or do not wish to embrace modern technology can unwittingly be ignored. I endeavour to raise awareness of this through the various Committees I am a member of, as well as via the Council of Governors.

It is vital, I believe, to communicate (both spoken and written) in a way that is easily understood, and most importantly, honest. This is an area that I, as a Governor and ordinary member of the local community, try to contribute to. Living in Kenilworth, and having connections with several local groups, I am able to get useful feedback for the Trust.

Warwick and Leamington Towns

Carolyn Pickering

My family and I have lived in Leamington since 1977. Our children grew up here and went to local schools. Therefore, I have close connections with the community, town and area. I am a retired Solicitor, and at one time had a practice in Leamington, from which I offered services to clients mainly in family and criminal law proceedings, along with some civil litigation and conveyancing.

I had connections with Bath Place and the Citizens Advice Bureau for some years, where I gave free advice on any issue that was presented to me. I have been a volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, and then a trustee of a Housing Project in Coventry.

My family and I have benefitted from the provision of medical advice and treatment from the local NHS services. This has been much appreciated, and I would like to share this experience in order to be of service to the Trust and to members of the public, to assist the Trust in its provision of local services and its communication with members of the Trust.

Ruth Cowan

I became a Governor of South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust in 2010 and during that time the Trust has gone from strength to strength to become one of the most respected in the country. I am proud to be a Governor representing the voice of the people of Leamington and Warwick.

My time spent as Governor includes attending monthly meetings with the Non-Executive Directors prior to Board meetings, quarterly Round Table events with the Board and fellow Governors and sitting on the Patient Care and Food for Life Committees.

What is important in the Governor role is being a conduit between you the users of our service and the staff and management team. Putting your views and ideas as how the Trust is performing and how things could be changed or improved. The Trust has taken on the challenge of running the Community Service and this will greatly improve the health and social care in the county. I look forward to continuing my work with the Trust.

Jane Knight

I feel qualified to take on the responsibility of being a Governor because of my wide experience of governing organisations. In many cases I have been Chair of the governing bodies on which I have served. For example, I have been Chair of Warwick District Council (WDC), the WDC Finance and Audit Scrutiny Committee, Shrubland St. School Governors, member of WDC Health Scrutiny Committee, and member and Chair of various community organisations. I have been a Governor at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust for over four years.

I have initiated many new community activities such as Leamington Peace Festival and the 42 year friendship link with Bo in Sierra Leone, which includes health links. I have worked for over 17 years as an OXFAM campaigner, and then worked internationally promoting development partnerships between local councils and communities in Africa, India, Chile and Japan. Since 2003 I have served on Children’s Centres’ Strategic Advisory Group.

Through my council work I have been closely involved with the development of various programmes, such as the WDC Leisure Centres, Pump Room Gardens and Newbold Comyn, and the building of Sayer Court (sheltered flats for the elderly).

Around 2014, I had cancer and meningitis and had pancreatitis before that. I was looked after by staff at Warwick Hospital and was so impressed with the professional expertise and wonderful care provided. I am now in perfect health.

My greatest delight is my family of 5 sons and 15 grandchildren. Retiring from the Council, means I can take on being a Public Governor.

Sir John Egan

I have a wealth of experience which I would like to bring to the needs of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust. I had ten years’ experience as Chief Executive of Jaguar Cars and another ten years as Chief Executive of BAA the airport company, bringing both up to a good state of performance. I have served as Chairman of Severn Trent, Inchcape and Vice Chairman of Legal and General, all were successful. I also served on numerous other Boards as a Non-Executive. I was Chancellor of Coventry University for ten years. I have helped write, as Chairman, a number of government reports including 'Rethinking Construction' and 'Skills in Creating Sustainable Communities', both of use to the NHS.

West Stratford and Borders

Roger Lloyd

I have lived in the area for over 45 years and have always used Warwick Hospital (A&E, Oncology and Cardio Care) when the need has arisen for my family and myself. I believe in the NHS, which clearly needs help from its users to develop in a manner which continues to serve the wider community delivering the services which they need. My experience as a Lawyer for more than 40 years with more than 12 years in the public sector enables me to understand the environment in which the NHS Trust operate. I am fully retired and able to devote all the necessary time to the role of Governor. I currently Chair the Nominations and Remuneration Committee (2024).

As a Governor I have attended:

• Board Meetings
• Audit Committee Meetings as an observer
• Council of Governors meetings
• General Purposes Committee meetings

  • Foundation Group Board Meetings
  • Clinic Governance Committee Meetings as an observer

I worked on the Project Board responsible for the building of the new staff multi-storey car park at Warwick. I am now on the Wayfinding Strategy Group seeking to improve the signage and navigation around the various Trust sites for patients, staff and visitors. I am also on the Patient Portal Engagement Forum (known as MyCare in Warwickshire) providing a digital access to appointment and other communications between the Trust and its patients. These have given me a good understanding of the workings of South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust and the role and performance of the Non-Executive Directors. With your assistance, I hope to be able to continue being an advocate for the community. I have in the past brought issues / concerns raised with me to the attention of the Chairman / Chief Executive / Executive Directors for action and comment.

Mary Malloy

My 37 years working in the NHS has given me extensive experience of hospital and primary care services and management. This includes strategy, service improvement, cost effectiveness, governance and training. I wish to use my knowledge and understanding to benefit South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT).

I held Senior Clinical Pharmacy posts in teaching hospitals for 20 years followed by Senior Management posts in a Primary Care Trust. I have experience of supporting GPs, community services, social care and public health. I have been a nursing home inspector and was a Director of Warwickshire Care Services which operates 12 care homes.

I have served as Lead Governor for a several years and devoted many hours to support the Council of Governors and other key strategy meetings. Having now stood down as Lead Governor, I remain a member of the General Purposes Committee, Patient Care Committee, a number of other committees and working groups and continue to observe Board meetings.

My family have lived in Stratford for over 32 years, so I know local NHS services well. I supported the Stratford Hospital development and will continue to listen to constituents and promote best possible services for Stratford residents.

As a Governor I am committed to putting patients first, seeking assurances on quality and availability of health services, and to the success of SWFT. I am passionate about maintaining NHS principles within an integrated publicly funded and provided NHS. I have the experience, time and dedication to commit fully to the Governor role.

Mike Flaxman

I am a Chartered Public Finance Accountant and have worked in various senior roles for and with the NHS since 1975. I have almost 50 years continuing commitment to the service, whatever shape it has taken. My last NHS staff post was as Finance and Information Director of Central Birmingham Health Authority. My passion for the development and improvement of the NHS has not diminished since then and I remain committed to trying to improve the NHS wherever and whenever possible. I have been a Board Director of Warwickshire HealthWatch since 2013.

As an elected Governor of the Trust, I chair the Membership and Engagement Committee, am a member of the General Purposes Committee and represent the Governors on the Community Diagnostic Centre (Stratford) Project Board. I am also a member of the Patient and Public Advisory Group for the West Midlands NHS Secure Data Environment project.

East Stratford and Borders

David Gee

I have been a Governor of the Trust ever since its beginning, so have a wealth of experience which will be invaluable when facing the challenges ahead. During this time, I have fully supported South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust which is now one of the top-performing Trusts in the whole of the UK.

However, during this time I have not hesitated to question, ensuring that patient’s interests are always taken into consideration. I was an active member of the Project Team for the new Stratford Hospital which is now providing a greatly improved service to local residents, and I will continue to fully support all future developments within the local area. With increasing demands and never enough money, the future holds increasing challenges for the whole of the NHS. I am a strong supporter of the NHS which my family have used extensively over the years. Using my long experience, I will continue to fully support the NHS and best care for all local residents.

Mike Wells, Lead Governor effective from 1 December 2023

I am a retired IT Project Manager who has lived in Shipston-on-Stour for nearly 30 years and in South Warwickshire for 35 years. I have 35 years of experience in the delivery of IT to businesses ranging from Automotive to the NHS, including South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT), to Government departments. I have been a Governor of the Trust since April 2018.

As a recipient of the Trust’s services, I have always been delighted with my interactions with the staff and the outcomes they have achieved for my family and myself. However, I am aware that this is not the case for everyone and the issues I hear most commonly relate to people in more complex situations that require both the Trust and external agencies to work together. For these people the whole patient journey is often, for a variety of reasons, disjointed and I hope to help the Trust to lead on building a more complete and integrated Service across all the agencies.

As a Governor I attend local public meetings and support the Stour Health and Wellbeing Partnership to gain a better understanding of the requirements of the local population and then use this in Trust meetings. I am a member of the Ellen Badger Hospital Redevelopment Project Board where I use my local knowledge to help the team working on this exciting redevelopment. I attend the monthly Trust Board meetings and, as Lead Governor, chair the General Purposes Committee and sit on the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, as well as attend regular Governor meetings.

Andy Petros

Having worked in the NHS for almost 40 years I appreciate how important it is to get services working efficiently to deliver first rate care to patients. As a Governor I have the opportunity to contribute to the Trust Management Team and have oversight of current and future plans. It is my aim to feedback to the Trust any concerns from residents of East Stratford and Borders and also examples of positive experiences.

Northern Warwickshire, Coventry and Rugby

Dr Cally Harrison

Cally Harrison has a clinical, academic and managerial background and lengthy experience in the NHS. After working for different Trusts around the country (primary/community services and secondary care), Cally felt that one of the best ways to improve and maintain high standards of care locally was to become a Foundation Trust Governor.

Cally believes that as it has been shown by many national and international think tanks, quality should be the organising principle of any credible healthcare organisation, hence she would like to use her knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure that the local NHS continues to successfully serve its patients.

Being of a mixed ethnic background, Cally also has a strong interest in ensuring that all patients, carers, staff members, and partners do feel valued and are treated with integrity, honesty, fairness, empathy, compassion and respect. Cally has been a Public Governor since July 2012 and she believes this role has given her the opportunity to participate and constructively contribute to a number of Committees and Forums around a variety of issues from performance, governance and finance to IT innovation projects, partnership working/pathway redesigns within the local health economy and patient involvement initiatives.

Cally has also attended, alongside other Governors, numerous training and development accredited courses and fed back to the Council of Governors and the Trust Board. Cally believes that the NHS needs to reform to deliver on multiple challenges and for this to happen staff at all levels need to embrace multidisciplinary team working, subsidiarity and consistency.

Graham Nuttall

I have been a resident of North Warwickshire for 45 years. I worked worldwide as an Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy. Before enjoying a successful NHS career in Estate Management, spanning 32 years, mostly in Coventry, Warwickshire and Rugby. I was a Lay Member at Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group for six years with an interest in Primary and Community Care.

I am passionate about maintaining the principals upon which the NHS was founded, in particular developing and maintaining local NHS services. I see that my role as a Governor for Northern Warwickshire, Coventry and Rugby Constituency, is to ensure that the communities of this constituency are not forgotten.

I am very much involved in the local community where I live. I am a Director on the Board of Trustees of the Bulkington Village Community and Conference Centre. Where we have worked with the local health economy to deliver a number of NHS services from the centre. I am Vice Chair and Trustee of the Citizens Advice Bureau in Bedworth, Nuneaton and Rugby. I am, for my sins, a 'Blue Nose' and a passionate follower of rugby.

Staff Governors

Sharon Elswood - Non-Clinical Support

I have been employed by the Trust since June 2005 and as you would expect, I have seen a lot of changes during this period. I started here part time as a Coordinator with The League of Friends. My current position is Volunteer Services Manager at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) and my duties include the recruitment, retention and management of volunteers.

Volunteer numbers have increased hugely over the years, supporting the staff and patients and increased services here at SWFT including the community. Volunteers are highly valued and essential to the Trust, we were able to diversify our services during the pandemic to maintain support across all sites and the community, continuing still.

A particular strength of mine is building strong relationships across the whole Trust at all levels and with external charities such as Kissing It Better, Age UK and Community Groups. I sit on Patient Experience Group and Equality & Diversity groups. I am approachable, bomb proof and used to dealing with confidential information. I am passionate about supporting the patients and staff here, as a volunteer myself and I am an active Committee Member of The League of Friends of Warwick Hospital. I strongly believe in our Trust values and hope that I can, and do, make life and work a good place to be and to be a strong advocate for those people who may not feel they have a voice to be heard. I believe in honesty and integrity and respect for everyone to be treated fairly.

Sue Warner - Nursing and Midwifery, Community

Information to follow

Kathy Wagstaff - Nursing and Midwifery, Acute

I have been employed at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) since 2009 firstly as a Matron and now as Clinical Lead Nurse for Central England Rehabilitation Unit (CERU). I am passionate about providing safe, effective, compassionate nursing care to all our patients. Although this is not my local hospital, I do have family that live in the area that use our services and I feel it is important to feel proud of SWFT and the services we offer. I feel it is paramount that our patients have a voice into the services they require, want and use and I feel that I bring my experience and skills to this role.

Emma Colegate - Nursing and Midwifery, Acute

Having grown up in rural mid-Wales, I headed to Hertfordshire to read for my Nursing Degree. I spent my elective placement in the Emergency Department (ED) at Liverpool Hospital, South Sydney. On qualifying in 2003 I returned to Wales, Nursing on a GP unit.

After restoring my bank balance, I headed back to Australia. I worked in public and private hospitals in Canberra, Sydney, Darwin and Wongan Hills (a rural town 5hours north-east of Perth). I dipped into several specialities, Gynaecology, elective surgery, general medicine, stroke rehabilitation etc with ED experience in all locations. I also took time to explore including several visits to Fiji, helping with a project to send repurposed educational equipment from New South Wales schools to a village school near Nadi.

Having returned to the UK I worked on a Surgical Unit and in Accident and Emergency (A&E) at Worcester Royal, then moved to Warwick to get married. Since 2008 I have worked at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT) in A&E, Site Capacity, MAU, on the Winter pressures ward, was a Ward Manager before leading the project for the over 75s discharge follow up team. I am also Staff Governor.

Until having my 2 children I regularly worked bank and agency shifts within and external to my base hospital to maintain skills, gain insight and experience patient pathways. I served in the RAF reserves with 4626AE Squadron from 2009-2011 and since 2021 have volunteered with our local Beaver Scout group. When I am not ferrying children or folding laundry, I love being outdoors; running, swimming, cycling, gardening or tinkering about in my garage.

While I was Ward Manager on a virtual board to ward meeting, a Governor was involved, shortly after this the opportunity arose for a new Staff Governor role having been inspired by Governors energy and commitment I am proud to represent my colleagues. Any staff, or others, reading this with anything they would like to discuss, please do reach

Dr Bernhard Usselmann - Medical and Dental

I have worked in the Trust for over 20 years as a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist. During this time, I have interacted with colleagues in all departments and I think I can represent the views of medical and dental staff to Trust management and the local population, I have held the position of Royal College Tutor, Chair of the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee, Associate Director for Technology and most recently that of Clinical Director for Gastroenterology within the Trust.

Vacancy - Nursing and Midwifery, Community

Vacancy - Clinical Support

Appointed Governors

Cllr John Holland – Warwickshire County Council

It is a privilege to be nominated by Warwickshire County Council as a Governor of South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT).

My early career was in the electronics industry followed by teaching in Universities and Colleges. I have served as a Councillor on Warwick District Council and Warwick Town Council including being Mayor of Warwick. I was elected as County Councillor in 2013.

We are very proud of the work of SWFT across all sites. Our staff stayed on duty during Covid and now deserve our support. Our service is developing and expanding in a sustainable direction. Partnerships with other stakeholders are strengthening, including other parts of the NHS, Council care services and others.

Mathew Gane – University of Warwick

Information to follow

Cllr Liz Coles - Stratford District Council

Information to follow

Cllr Jim Sinnott - Warwick District Council

I am a Warwick District Councillor with the portfolio brief including healthier communities, I am born and bred in the Warwick District.

Having served over 30 years in the fire service, I have a prevention focus – I have little else to bring to the table but a relentless focus on prevention. I am also blunt and pragmatic, another fire service trait. I like to be open and listen, always learning and happy navigating complexity. I am currently teaching in higher education and love a challenge.