Staying in hospital

Privacy and dignity

We believe that patients should be cared for in an environment that actively respects individual beliefs and attitudes and protects their modesty and dignity.

If you have any concerns or questions about privacy and dignity, please contact a member of the ward staff in the first instance. Alternatively you can contact one of the Matron Team, PALs or the Patient Experience team.

Matron Team
Tel: +44(0)1926 495 321 ext 8118

Tel: +44(0)1926 495 321 ext 8020

Patient Experience
Tel: +44(0)1926 495 321 ext 4676

What to Bring

If you are coming to one of our hospitals for an overnight stay or longer, there are many things you will need to remember to pack. This will include clothes, toiletries and other items for relaxing and passing the time.

If you are bringing in items of high value, lockable safes are available on each ward. Please speak to the Ward Manager or Nurse in charge to use one. Please note you will need to provide a padlock.

Free Wi-Fi

Patients can use the free Wi-Fi connecting to the ‘NHS Wi-Fi’. Patients connecting to this will be asked to register using their email address.

Infection prevention and control

We are committed to the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections. The Trust's Infection Prevention and Control Team are responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for the prevention and control of infection in order to protect patients, visitors and staff.

If you have any issues related to infection prevention and control and would like to talk to a member of the Infection Prevention and Control Team you can call:

Tel: +44(0)1926 495 321 Ext 4190 (Monday -Friday, 9am-5pm)

Meals during your stay

Eating well helps you to recover, so we want you to benefit as much as possible from the foods that you eat. All of the meals that you will eat are made using fresh ingredients.

Meals are served three times a day and brought to your bedside. Individual menu cards will be brought to you each day for you to choose your food. The menus provide a choice of meals based on meeting your nutritional needs and providing healthy choices and always include a vegetarian option.

A range of special diets including modified textures for patients that have swallowing difficulties are also available. If you have special dietary or specific religious needs, for example halal or kosher food, there are specific menus.

The Trust operates a protected mealtime policy. Protected meal times are a designated quiet time on the ward where patients who are eating are permitted to do so without interruptions from Doctors, nurses or any other staff. You should also, where possible, not be taken for any tests during mealtimes. A relative, carer or close friend may visit you at mealtimes to assist you with eating and drinking, please liaise with your nurse in charge to arrange this. If however you have to visit another hospital for tests, or are not on the ward at a mealtime, the ward staff can order you a snack box. This will contain a sandwich, piece of fruit, yogurt, juice drink and perhaps a slice of cake or something similar.

Information on admission

You will receive a letter from the Trust giving you instructions about admission to a ward. This will include all essential details you will need to know.

If you are not able to keep your appointment for any reason, please telephone the hospital and let them know as soon as possible. Please also ring your ward before leaving home to ensure your bed is still available. Occasionally the hospital may have so many emergency admissions that some patients might have their treatment delayed or rescheduled. The Trust does its utmost to avoid this situation.

Information on discharge arrangements

On your admission you will have been asked questions about your health and home situation. When a treatment plan has been agreed we are able to advise how long you are likely to be in hospital. Subject to your recovery, your discharge date may be reviewed.

Each ward has a nominated Discharge Co-ordinator and fairly early on in your hospital stay discussion will take place with the healthcare team, you and your carers, about your discharge. This is essential so that all the necessary help and care can be put in place in good time before you are ready to go home.

Going home you should consider:

  • Do you have a key or someone at home to let you in?
  • Do your friends and family know you are going home?
  • Do you have clothes, shoes and coat, to go home in?
  • Will there be enough food and drink in the house?
  • Will your accommodation be warm enough?
  • Have you arranged your transport home?

  • Warwick Hospital radio

    Radio Warneford provides an award-winning radio service for patients and visitors at Warwick Hospital. The station broadcasts a wide selection of programmes 24 hours a day via our free patient Wi-Fi service.

    Find out what's on and how to listen.