Car parking

Length of StayCharges
First 30 minutesFree
0 minutes - 1 hour£2.60
1 hour - 2 hours£3.10
2 hours - 4 hours£4.70
4 hours - 6 hours£7.30
6 hours - 24 hours£9.40
Weekly Ticket£15.60

All machines accept cards, coins and notes.

For any Car parking queries, please contact Hotel Services at

The above charges also apply to Blue Badge Holders unless you or your partner qualifies under the Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme.

How to claim

  • in person at the cashiers office (Warwick Hospital only) - You will need to provide proof of benefit each time you make a claim and proof of appointment/attendance.
  • by post using HC5(T) form, available at cashiers/reception desks or the security office (Warwick Hospital only).

    Please ensure all travel receipts are securely attached to the form before posting it to the address shown on the form.
  • Patient multi-appointment tickets

    If you are a patient required to attend regular clinics or outpatient appointments, you can qualify for a 5 or 10 visit multi-appointment ticket. This ticket will give you access to the car parking facility at Warwick Hospital for a 3 month period from date of activation. To get a multi-appointment ticket, please ask the receptionist for a form, and return the completed form back to Security Office.

    Please note replacements will not be given for lost or damaged tickets. There is no option for refunds on unused tickets.