Ellen Badger Hospital Development plans

We are currently progressing plans to develop the existing Ellen Badger site.

There will be a range of services available on the site, with enhanced clinical spaces for hospital and community services.

Latest update on the Ellen Badger Hospital development - work has started on site

The Trust has been committed to developing the Ellen Badger Hospital site since 2018.

Since the proposals were initially discussed there have been several external factors that have contributed to changes in the design, plans and timescales. These include responding to and learning from Covid, funding within the wider health economy and increasing costs in the construction market, which has impacted on the plans for Shipston Medical Centre to relocate to the Ellen Badger site.

As with lots of large-scale development plans, things occur that are unplanned for. As part of the pre-construction work, protected bats were found. Natural England have been working to establish a way forward and last week we were granted a bat licence, so work has now begun on site.

Please see the latest update below which details the schedule of work for the next few months and outlines what the new site will offer.


We will get as much information to you as we progress the development and really want to get your feedback at every stage. If you have any further comments or questions, we would encourage you to send them to EBHdevelopment@swft.nhs.uk