Living Well with Dementia

We are committed to providing safe, compassionate care to patients with Dementia or to anyone requiring memory support.

Please click here for advice for carers and if you are caring for a person with Dementia.

Please click here to view the Adult Speech and Language Therapy teams webpage in relation to support with Dementia.

Admiral Nurse Service at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust

Admiral Nurses focus on complex patients with a diagnosis of Dementia. The service is for families affected by dementia and supports staff to deliver best practice whilst caring for people during their hospital stay. The Service also offers support for Staff who may be affected by dementia in their personal life.

Admiral Nurses provide:

  • A family and relationship centred approach ·
  • Specialist assessments and Evidence-based interventions for families affected by dementia with complex needs. ·
  • Clinical, psychological and social support for family carers and people living with Dementia, particularly during periods of transition. ·
  • Liaison with other professionals/organisations. ·
  • Education, consultancy and supporting changes in practice. ·
  • Support family and carers admitted to hospital for persons with dementia. ·
  • Provide education for Hospital staff ·
  • Support the Hospital to become a dementia friendly environment ·
  • Support transitions ·
  • Facilitate effective discharge ·
  • Follow up at home following discharge if complex issues identified

If you wish to contact the Admiral Nurse Team, Physician lead or Dementia Nurse Consultant please email who will forward your enquiry.

Click here to view the Dementia Strategy 2022 - 2026.

Useful links:

Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Connect Service

The Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Connect Service, is a free personalised support service for anyone affected by dementia.

It enables you to access support, by phone, face to face or online, when it’s needed or as things change. So, you’re one call away from someone who gets it. One click away from answers. One conversation away from help.

The service is free, easy to access, and puts you in touch with our dementia advisers who can connect you to the support you need, from local help to phone and online advice.

Here are a few examples of the support the service can provide: emotional support when things get tough connecting you to local support groups help to understand and live with dementia, including coping techniques support with everyday living, such as government benefits.

To speak to a dementia adviser, call our support line on 0333 150 3459.


Click here to view the Dementia Strategy 2022 - 2026.

Coventry and Warwickshire Dementia Portal

Whether you have had a dementia diagnosis, provide support for someone with dementia or would like to know more about how to spot the signs and symptoms of dementia in yourself and others, the Coventry and Warwickshire Dementia Portal will provide you with a range of advice and information on how to access dementia services near you.

Johns Campaign

John’s Campaign

The trust supports John’s Campaign and shares in their belief that carers should not just be ‘allowed’ but should be welcomed. They are the experts in the person for whom they care, and best outcomes are likely when they work in partnership with the medical or social professionals. Often, they have legal duties such as power of attorney or court of protections deputy. They can observe and advocate: communicate, remember, explain, and reassure.

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