Community midwifery

What we do:

We support you and your family through pregnancy, labour and after the birth, and we aim to provide the highest standard of care, support and advice during this time. We want you to achieve your ideal birth experience, whether this is at home or in hospital. Many of our community midwives work both in the hospital and in the community.

Your antenatal care
Some women who have had a medical condition or previous pregnancy problem require care from a consultant obstetrician and community midwife, known as Consultant Led Care.

Where there are no medical or previous obstetric problems, care can be provided by a community midwife, known as Midwife Led Care.

Your postnatal care
Once you return home we will care for you and your baby until the baby is 10 days old or longer depending on your needs. We also advise and support you in your chosen method of feeding and inform you of support groups in your local area.

Contact and location

We have the following 5 teams working in community:

  • Topaz - North Leamington, Kenilworth & surrounding area.
  • Diamond - Warwick & surrounding area.
  • Amethyst - Wellsbourne, Shipston, & surrounding area.
  • Ruby - Stratford, Alcester & surrounding area.
  • Emerald - South Leamington

Contact the Community Midwifery team at the Bluebell Birth Centre
Tel: +44 (0)1926 495321 Ext 6973/6976

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