Community Recovery Service (CRS)

The Community Recovery Service offers intermediate care support for patients leaving hospital in their own home who have a new or increased care need, to enable you to return home confidently from hospital following your treatment or an accident / injury or illness.

It is a free, short-term support service, for up to 6 weeks and is part of the Discharge to Assess Pathway 1 offer in Warwickshire.

The length of the service you receive will be dependent on your needs. Many patients finish using this service before 6 weeks as some people recover more quickly. After the period of recovery and assessment, if you need ongoing care and support at home, you may have to pay a contribution towards this service.

The service will support you with a blend of home care and / or therapy input to support your recovery and help you to manage independently or reduce your care needs.

The short-term service will comprise initially of up to 2 care workers from an independent home care provider, visiting you at home daily. The support you receive may increase or decrease during the period of time that you are with the Community Recovery Service, depending on your individual support requirements.

The team consists of a variety of healthcare and social care practitioners with support from home care agencies. As a multi-disciplinary team, we work together to assist you to get back to your previous level of independence.

There’s no place like home: Helping patients recover at home through Community Recovery Service (CRS)

Meet Adam Newberry, Therapy Assistant Practitioner, discussing the impact of the Community Recovery Service (CRS) and how SWFT are among six leading trusts dedicated to enabling patients to recover in their home environment after a hospital stay.

The video below provides an insightful visit to Barrie Wills, a patient on the CRS pathway, engaging in therapy exercises within the comfort of his own home. For more information on this campaign, click here.

What happens when you are at home?

The short-term service will comprise initially of up to two care workers from an independent home care provider, visiting you at home up to four times daily at times agreed between you and the home care provider. They will support you with your daily living tasks that may include:

  • Support with moving around your home
  • Support with your personal care (washing, accessing the toilet)
  • Support with dressing/undressing
  • Support with preparing meals

What may happen after your initial recovery period?

Should you require ongoing social care support, an assessment and financial assessment will be completed and a financial contribution for support may be charged.

Should you have ongoing health or care and support needs, this will be discussed with you to enable you to agree how you will use your strengths and networks to support you, and to determine any formal ongoing services you may need.

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