Expansion of our new digital patient portal

Local hospitals in South Warwickshire have opened up registration for their new innovative patient portal to the majority of outpatient services following a successful pilot.

Over 11,000 patients have already registered to the portal, which enables speedier and improved communication between patients and the local Trust.

In partnership with Induction Zesty, the portal’s supplier, SWFT aims to unlock operational efficiencies and cost savings through this new ‘digital first’ option for patients.

Adam Carson, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at SWFT, said: “Following our initial pilot with four specialties (gynaecology, dermatology, gastroenterology and rheumatology) that had over two-thirds uptake from all eligible patients, we’re thrilled to announce that we are now opening the patient portal to the majority of outpatient services.

“The benefits of the portal to patients are enormous as it offers patients more choice and control over their own health and care, as well as how they communicate and receive important information from us.

“This is just the starting point on this exciting journey, as patients will soon be able to reschedule or cancel appointments, view test results, and access their electronic health record through the portal.”

The delivery of the patient portal is a major, long-term project for SWFT, and the phased approach to development means patients can expect additional functionality to be added gradually over the coming months and years. Currently, patients are able to:

  • View all their new appointment letters
  • Set communication preferences to opt-out of paper appointment letters
  • Add future appointments to their own digital calendars, such as Google or Outlook calendars
  • View maps of the Trust’s hospital sites

Mashuk Khan, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at SWFT and lead clinician for the patient portal, added: “I like to think of the portal as the digital front door to the hospital, which allows patients to engage with us at a time that’s convenient for them. We all live incredibly busy lives, and keeping on top of appointments, dates and times can be difficult.

“If you have an upcoming outpatient appointment with us, I would encourage you to register with the portal so you have all the information you need at your fingertips – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime and anywhere.”

James Balmain, CEO of Induction, said, “Now more than ever, patients expect the same digitally-enabled control and convenience they get in their daily lives in their healthcare, and we are laser focused on partnering with Trusts to deliver those benefits. And of course, the more patients engage in their care, the more they attend, and don’t miss appointments, and the more they prioritise what’s most important – their health.”

Patients who are over the age of 18, have a UK mobile number, and have an upcoming appointment at Warwick, Stratford or Leamington Hospitals, can register for the portal online at: https://patients.swft.nhs.uk/

For more information about the MyCare Warwickshire patient portal, visit: https://www.swft.nhs.uk/our-services/patient-portal-mycare-warwickshire

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