Volunteering- Roles

More details of our volunteering activities will be added to the site shortly.

Therapy Dogs


Community - Breast Feeding Support

Community - Home Support (CCNT)

Community - Perinatal Mental Health Support

COVID-19 Driver

COVID-19 General Helper

COVID-19 Help Desk/ Meet and Greet

COVID-19 Ward Helper

Ellen Badger - All Wards

Ellen Badger - Gardening

Leamington - Activity Groups

Leamington - All Wards

Leamington - Gardening

Leamington - Meet & Greet / Help Desk

Stratford - Health and Wellbeing Navigators

Stratford - Cafe Lomas

Stratford - Cancer Support with Macmillan

Stratford - Forest of Hearts

Stratford - League of Friends Meet & Greet / Help Desk

Stratford - Nicol Unit

Stratford - Tea / Coffee Bar

Warwick - 4 x 4 Drivers

Warwick - All Wards

Warwick - League of Friends (Bric a Brac and Book Shop)

Warwick - Meet & Greet / Help Desk

Warwick - Pharmacy

Warwick - Radio Warneford

Other Interests